Yeltsa von Schraderhaus
Hips SV- A2, ED Normal
Slovak/Czech /DDR Pedigree 

 Schraderhaus K9 Female


Yeltsa von Schraderhaus
  • DOB: 10/23/07
  • HD SV A2, ED Normal
  • Sire: Lux vom Kameruner Eck, Sch3
  • Dam: Elba z Esagilu, SVV1, IPO1
  • DDR / Slovak/Czech Pedigree
  • Dark Red Sable
  • Clearance Tested DDC Veterinary: Degenerative   
         Myelopathy: DM CLEAR (Homozygous N/N, Clear)

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    Yeltsa is the daughter of our SCH3 DDR Stud dog V Lux vom Kameruner Eck , out of our retired female Elba z Esagilu.
    Her pedigree from her father Lux  brings Tino vom Felsenschloss as well as the excellent world renown DDR Producer Lord vom Gleisdreieck, known to produce excellent tracking and extreme protection abilities into their offspring.

    From Yeltsa's motherline, her grandsire is the excellent producer and well known Border Patrol Stud dog Xero z Pohraniční straze. Xero is the most famous producing son of his well known highly sought after father, Grim z Pohraniční straze..Grim is well known for producing compact, substantial dogs with large head type, high defense and civil temperaments. Yeltsa's grandmother is  Figa Cega, a super producing female having several excellent working litters to her credit,.

    Born an only pup in Elba's final litter, Yeltsa proves herself to be a fighter in the world of survival.  Weighing in at 26.5 ounces at birth, she is the largest pup we have ever had here at our kennel.  At 2.5 weeks she is highly advanced for a pup of her age and clearly demonstrates recognition of voice, comes to the sound of your voice when called, and is confident and sure, willing to investigate new things at this very early age.  
    At 3 weeks she is eating 3 full meals a day, and is highly food driven, as is her mother.  Her wagging tail confirms her enthusiasm to greet you when she hears you approaching.
    As a mature female, she is proving to be is a fun loving girl demonstrating a very good nose, is protective of her home front with good protection and alerting skills when strangers approach. Exhibiting good social character, Yeltsa is excellent with children and has proven to be a very good mother.  Her body type is agile, strong and athletic with substantial bone and very nice head type, producing pups which are also healthy, active and robust with substance and good confidence. 

    Yeltsa's Pedigree

    Yeltsa's 2014  Litter
     was born on September 11th, 2014.
    Sire is our Pure DDR Stud,
     V Gerry von Weltwitz, IPO3, FH2, A1.
    Click to View Litter with Gerry

    Yeltsa produced
    her first litter for our kennel
    April 8th, 2010. with 5 Males and 4 Females.

    All the pups had excellent drive for the toy, good hunt drive
    and were quickly motivated and intense on the bite rag for
    bite imprinting exposure as pups.  They are very nice dark black sable in color.
    View her #1 pick female ,
    Alexa Morgan von Schraderhaus
     aka "Lena". Lena was trained by Martina Wilson
    and is currently working as a personal protection dog 
     View Working page..
    is an excellent working female sired by
    Czech Import stud
    Chachar Bily Trpaslik , SVV1, Hips A1.

    Yeltsa x ChaChar (Pike) Litter Pedigree  

    Elba and Yeltsa
    Elba and Yeltsa

    Yeltsas first supp. meal 2.5 weeks
    Yeltsa in her  "sock coat", eating her first homemade meal
     at age 2.5 weeks.


    Yeltsa in sockcoat_3weeks

    Yeltsa in sock coat @ 3 weeks

    Yeltsa meets stepsiblings

    Yeltsa meets her half siblings from Xena's Litter, who were born 3 days after Yeltsa.  In order to encourage and support Yeltsa's mastering of her socialization skills, our goal is for Yeltsa to be integrated into her new family with her half siblings.  It will be beneficial for her if she can become their family member, as the pups learn to interact with one another and to accept others.

    Yeltsas first meeting with siblingsFor their first encounter everyone is getting along OK.

  •  Yeltsa_Litters
    Yeltsa 27 mos

    Yeltsa platz 300w
    Yeltsa 27 mos

    Yeltsa sitz 27 mos 300w
    Yeltsa @ 27 mos

    Yeltsa Hips 310wYeltsa Hips A2 Normal
    Yeltsa Elbows Normal
    Yeltsa Elbows Normal

    Yeltsz sitz 4 mos 300w
    Yeltsa @ 4 months


    Yeltsa 6 wksYeltsa 4 weeks Yeltsa 6 weeksYeltsa 6 weeks

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