Pictorial of Ancestors
Came z Esagilu and Elba z Esagilu



Elba z Esagilu,

Elba's Sire,
Xero z Pohranicni straze,

Barinja Cega,
Maternal G.dam

Grimm z Pohranicni straze

Litter sister, Era z Esagilu

Litter sister, Exa z Esagilu
Exa z EsagiluExa z EsagiluExa z Exa z sagil


Lido Jamirex (Maternal G.Sire)
Mother of Elba; Figa Cega (as an adult)

Elba's Mother, Figa Cega, above
 (as puppy, below)
Grischa v. Schwartzen Milan


Grischa v. Schwartzen Milan

Grischa v. Schwartzen Milan
Large picture of SG Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan

Litter Brother: Emir z Esagilu (below)

Litter sister: Exa z Esagilu (above)



From the Czech Republic; Information on the bloodlines of Elba z Esagilu...  

Xero z PS & Figa Cega have 8 puppies: Dogs: Emir (exported do Japan), Ezir
                                                           Females: Ela,Elba (exported to the USA), Enya, Era (exported to the USA), Ester, Exa (exported to the USA)

 Goal of breeding station is bring some special signs to breed like strength, muscularity, nobleness of head (nothing overboard), but also this animals must be willing to work and mostly be happy to work, they need to show also happy movement of their body. That is why I am trying to put into my breeding dogs like:
Grim z PS (compete in World Championship), Xero z PS (son of Grim z PS), Conan Divci Plamen (compete in World Champ)
1) Lido Jamirex - father of Elba's Mother (best police dog in Czech Republic in years 1994,1995)
2) Grischa v. Schwarzen Milan - grandfather of Elba Mother (it was one of the best sable breeding dogs in Germany -about 300 sable dogs)
3) Figa Cega - mother of Elba (IPO3,ZVV3 - as a puppy
4) Grim z PS - father of Xero z PS
5) Era z Esagilu (her owner in now in the USA,
(Val Kilmer)
6) Exa z Esagilu
7) Figa Cega - Mother of Elba
8) Emir z Esagilu (exported to Japan)


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