Elba z Esagilu

SVV1, IPO1, HIC,  Dobrý
1st Select Breeding Class,  Hips 0/0 Elbows Normal
( Imported from Slovakia  )

In Loving Memory...
Elba crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
October 15, 2011
@ 12 years of age..

 Elba passed without feeling any pain, in the arms
of her long time adopted owner Steve Zorn

You will remain
in our hearts forever Elba...


Elba has found her new home
for her life of leisure and retirement..
Congratulations to new owner Steve Zorn
with thanks to Jennifer W , owner of Elba's son,
Caleb von Schraderhaus

Elba z Esagilu

▪ HD:0/0
Sire: Xero z Pohranicni straze
Dam: Figa Cega
Slovak/Czech/East German Pedigree
Black Sable

 Imported from Slovakia, Elba is a large bodied, substantial and heavily boned female with well developed deep chest, powerful front shoulder and rear quarters. Very nice topline and underline, with lovely expressive head type and dark eyes. Rich and thick black sable coat pattern of deep dark  pigmentation. Elba has an extremely high play / ball drive and exhibits an effective ability for problem solving. Her nose is deep and accurate and she enjoys the work, having excellent obedience skills with an appreciable work ethic inherited from her strong and proven working pedigree

 Elba shows serious, civil and rhythmic barking skills and bites like an alligator, taking her protection work seriously and works for real.  She has good focus and super strong nerve, and is an amazing and agile athlete with exceptional power and speed.   Elba possesses good social skills and is excellent with small children. She is non-confrontational or dog aggressive, yet she will not back down in the event she is challenged. She is a force to behold if the situation demands it and can be an extremely dominant female.

  Possessing one of the best known and most sought after working line pedigrees, and carrying the bloodlines of Pohranicní straze,  Elba is the daughter of the World Renown producing stud dog, Xero z Pohranicni straze SchH3, IPO3)...Rated Velmi Dobry, 1st select Breeding Class with pronounced courage, hardness and willingness to fight, hips and elbows a0/0.  Xero is the most famous and long producing son of Grim z Pohranicni straze (ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3). Grim z Ps. was one of the most well known producers from the Pohranicni straze kennel, and was awarded Best Czech Defender, Multiple WUSV Competitor, 1997 Czech National Champion and placed 7th in the 1997 WUSV. 

  Elba is also a daughter from the well known Figa Cega litter, which goes back on some of the strongest producing DDR blood of Bero v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur, Held v. Ritterberg, and Ingo v. Rudingen.  Held and Ingo produced some of the strongest structural health for the German Shepherd gene pool and vastly improved upon pigmentation and working abilities within the German Shepherd Breed as a whole.  
 Elba is titled SVV1, IPO1, rated  Dobry, with hips and elbows 0/0.  Elba is 1st Select Breeding Class  recommended for improvement of the breed

   Elba produced excellent working pups which are large with substantial, solid boning and working body structure.  Head type is large and blocky; pups present good focus and sureness, being very quick to investigate new things with no sign of fear or hesitation when presented with a new scenario to work through.  Prey drive comes on strongly. and scenting abilities are highly evident at an early age; the pups demonstrating deep and persistent noses on the ground.  
To view our own lovely females from Elba,  Click to view pages for Ricochet von Schraderhaus, daughter of Cak Pisecna Boure, multiple times SCH 3 and International competitor,  and our female Yeltsa von Schraderhaus, daughter of our DDR male "V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck. SCH3 

Below are three fun photos taken of Elba, sent from her owner Steve, who took her out for a fun day of memories
to do bitework. 
The " old gal " still has the love for the work and drive for the sleeve, shown below in February, 2011
11.5  years of age. 

Elba training1_11.5 yrs
Elba training2_11.5 yrs
        Elba at 11.5 years of age!!  Elba training3_11.5 yrs

Elba's F Litter
sired by DDR stud

"V" Dargo von den Thuringer Kronjewelin
LGA, SCH3, FH, KKL1 for Life, DM Clear
Click to View
Dargo x Elba Litter

Litter Born
January, 2004

Elba @ 2 years

Elba at 8 years of age (Below)

Elba @ 8 yrs old- September 30th, 2007

Elba's  Ancestor   Pictorial
Elba 's  Pedigree
Elba's  "Faro" Litter
Elba's  "Dargo" Litter
Elba's  "Lux" Litter

An exceptional litter from Elba was produced in 2006 by our "V" Rated stud dog Lux vom Kameruner Eck Schh3, KKL1, Pure DDR Bloodlines   This excellent cross produced incredible pups with great substance and excellent head type.  Temperaments were sure and brave, with pups exhibiting deep nose and never ending ball drive.

Elba Sons...
Michelof von Schraderhaus
Milosovich von Schraderhaus

2006 Litter  Elba X Lux Pups

Yeltsa_females 210w
Elba's daughter, Yeltsa von Schraderhaus
Elba x Lux vom Kameruner Eck

Alexa Morgan von Schraderhaus
Yeltsa x Chachar Bily Trpaslik

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