Renatta von Schraderhaus

Slovak/Czech /DDR Pedigree
 Schraderhaus K9 Female

Renatta von Schraderhaus 
Czech/Slovak/DDR Pedigree

Renatta is a highly intelligent female, with a confident,  intense temperament.  Renatta possesses a very good nose for tracking. Her interaction with people and other dogs exhibits an alpha yet confident, stable nature. An exuberant, athletic female with excellent structure, she has matured into a very good looking, solidly boned female with very nice structure and head type.  She possesses good social skills and like her mother Hary, has a kind and loving personality and is tolerant and accepting of young children and small pets.

Renatta's excellent producing sire, our Slovak Import
Argo z Libocké zahrady,  is an absolutely impressive, heavily boned, serious and substantial solid black male with excellent masculine characteristics.  Large and solid body structure with substantial working conformation, Argo possesses the great head type which is typical of the Slovak and East German / DDR Dogs. Argo is a Slovak Import with Hips A1.  He is an extreme quality male with very good work ethic demonstrating super bitework, super retrieve, and confidence on slick floors. He has good health
Argo's maternal grandsire, Cak Pisecna boure has produced excellent working progeny on an International level for over 6 years and imparts perfect character type into his progeny. He is a gorgeous solid black male with massive boning coupled with an extremely strong head type. Cak has sired 63 successful working litters during his breeding career in Europe, with many of his progeny being utilized and certified for work in Law Enforcement.
Renatta's great granddam 
Orka z Milberku  ZVV3, IPO1 SCH1 is the daughter of the well known producer of excellent working police progeny in the CZ Republic, IPO3, SCHH3 VBORNY, 5JVQ2 /P Niko Milvel

 Renatta's dam Hary z Duricovho dvora is granddaughter of the legendary Tom z Pohranicni straze.  Tom comes from the world famous Czech Police kennel, Pohranicni straze .Tom was an active police dog for over 10 years and is now retired, and still remains a highly regarded and well known stud for production of strong protection dogs, producing over 150 breedings for the police force in his breeding career. Tom's Father, ZVV3, IPO3, ZM
Cordon An-Sat was one of the greatest producers of Police Dogs in the Czech Republic.  Hary's father, Damien Plavno has been well known for his production of serious working police K9 dogs and is currently at stud in Sweden.  Damien's Dam, IPO3, SCHH3, ZVV1, OP1 SG Chasanta Anrebri  is considered to be one of the best producing working females to come from the Anrebri kennel.  
We are proud and very excited to add our beautiful, quality female Renatta into our breeding program.  

Renatta's Pedigree

Renatta's first litter was sired by our DDR Stud,
Lord von den Grauen von Monstab.
Litter born February 22nd 2013 & is FULLY RESERVED.
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Renatta 4 weeks 300w

Renatta @ 4 wks
Renatta @ 4 wks

Renatta 6 weeks_2Renatta @ 6 wks

Renatta 6 weeks_1Renatta @ 6 wks
Renatta self stack 4_320wRenatta @ 3.5 yrs of age
Renatta head 3.5yrs oldRenatta @ 3.5 yrs of age
Renatta sitz 3.5 yrsRenatta @ 3.5 yrs of age
Renatta front_3.5 yrs
Renatta @ 3.5 yrs of age

Renatta_Face 2

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