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Lord 380w
  Renatta self stack 4_320w
V Lord v.d. Grauen von Monstab, SCH3, KKL1, Hips A1   Renatta von Schraderhaus, SV  Hips A1

 Watch for  Updates Below on Renatta and Lord's  "H" Litter...


Renatta and Lords' "H" Litter

Litter Born
February 22nd, 2013 

 3 Black Females Born

Solid Black and Black Sables

    Litter Is FULLY RESERVED !   
  From the sire line:   The Son of V (LGZS) Aron vom Poppitz and V Sindy vom Schäferliesel, Lord has a serious disposition which commands respect, possessing a very good balance of prey/play and fight drive.  His character is playful but serious, and he's extreme in his desire to protect those whom he considers family.  His dark pigmentation of coat, incredible head and excellent substance of structure is consistently passed along to his puppies, along with his high level of confidence and intensity for the work.  His pure DDR pedigree is packed full of well known, proven producers of excellent working DDR lineage, such as SchH3, IPO3, FH2 V Don vom ClausbergSCHH3,FH1, BSP SG Muchta vom Schwarzhorn , SCHH3 (LGA) FH2 IPO3 V Tino vom Felsenschloß, SCHH3 ( SG-LGA ) V Brando von der MarderklauseUCI INT CH SCHH3 LBZ V Illa von der Mittelhäuser Flur, SchH3/IP3 V Don vom Haus Iris, SCHH3,FH3,KÖR.6546/54 V CH (US) Neumann's Jim, SchH2/FH V Don vom Rolandsteich, SCHH3 ( G-BSP ) IP3 SG Irko vom Peri-Hof, SCHH3, FH3 SG Lord vom Gleisdreieck,  DDR-MS X2 SCHH3 FH3 SG Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, SchH2/ FH V Jeff vom Flämings-Sand SchH3/ PSH1 V Alf vom KörnerseeDDR SGR 1979, SCHH3, V Bodo vom Gräfental, and SCHH3 V Ingo von Rudingen.
Lord is recommended for improving and passing along hardness and strength of character, as well as stamping his progeny with the long, sought after conformational traits of the Old World DDR Type.

From the mother line, Renatta's excellent producing sire, our Slovak Import Argo z Libocké zahrady, is an absolutely impressive, heavily boned, serious and substantial solid black male with excellent masculine characteristics.  Large and solid body structure with correct working conformation, Argo possesses great confidence, typical of the Slovak and East German / DDR Dogs.
Argo's maternal grandsire, Cak Pisecna boure has produced excellent working progeny on an International level for over 6 years and imparts perfect character type into his progeny. He is a gorgeous solid black male with massive boning coupled with an extremely strong head type. Cak has sired 63 successful working litters during his breeding career in Europe, with many of his progeny being utilized and certified for work in Law Enforcement.
Renatta's dam Hary z Duricovho dvora is granddaughter of the legendary Tom z Pohranicni straze.  Tom comes from the world famous Czech Police kennel, Pohranicni straze. Tom was an active police dog for over 10 years and is now retired, and still remains a highly regarded and well known stud for production of strong protection dogs, producing over 150 breedings for the police force in his breeding career. Tom's Father, Cordon An Sat was one of the greatest producers of Police Dogs in the Czech Republic.  Hary's father, Damien Plavno has also produced many serious working police K9 dogs and is currently at stud in Sweden.  Damien's Dam, Chasanta Anrebri is considered to be one of the best producing working females to come from the Anrebri kennel.  

   Currently   0 MALE  /  0 FEMALE Available  

Watch this page for litter photo updates
Most recent photos from the top down...

"H" Litter
Litter Pedigree for Renatta x Lord


Renatta Lord Pink collar girl 4.5 wks
Pink collar female 4.5 wks
" Heidel "

SOLD_Patrick  H, Bend Or.

Renatta Lord purple collar female 4.5 wks
Purple collar female 4.5 wks
" Henna "

Renatta Lord H Litter Orange collar female 4.5 wks
Orange collar female 4.5 wks
" Hasta "

Renatta x Lord pups @ 4.5 wks of age

Renatta x Lord pups @ 2 .5wks of age

Renatta Lord H Litter 2 wks 2 days1

Renatta Lord H Litter 2 wks2 days2

Purple Pink Orange females 2.2 wks
Pink collar Female 2.2 wks
Renatta Orange female
Orange collar female 2.2 wks
Renatta Girl Purple 2.2 wks
Purple collar female 2.2 wks
Reantta girls Purple Pink Orange
Purple    Pink    Orange  collar females

Renatta girls Pink Purple Orange
Renatta Lord Girls @ 2.2 wks

Renatta Lord H Litter 2 days old
2 days of age, doing well

Renatta Lord H Pups 2 days old
Renatta with Lord pups 2 days old

Renatta x Lord Newborn photo 8 hrs
Male   Female   Female   Female

Renatta Lord H Litter 24 hrs old
24 hrs old
3 Black Females and 1 smaller black male (he's a feisty boy though!!)

Renatta Lord pups 24 hrs 2
H Litter 24 hrs old
All cleaned up and settled in...






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