Phyre von Schraderhaus

Hips: OFA Good / ED Normal 
Pure DDR Pedigree
( Schraderhaus K9 Female )

"Phyre von Schraderhaus"
Hips OFA Good / Elbows Normal

Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

  • DOB 01/06/2015
  • HD OFA Good / ED Normal
  • Sire: V Gerry von Weltwitz
  • Dam: V Tina von der Feuersäule
  • Pure East German/ DDR Pedigree
  • Black Sable
  • Produced here at Schraderhaus K9
  • Clearance Tested: Degenerative Myelopathy Results:
    DM CLEAR thru parentage (Homozygous N/N, Clear)

    Phyre is a good sized girl of substance with a very pretty expression and DDR head type.  She loves to play and exhibits good prey drive to the tug and ball.  Phyre's coat coloration is a rich dark black sable.  She has excellent social skills and is already demonstrating good protection of her home and surroundings, making her a good candidate for producing working prospects for use in Schutzhund Sport,  Search & Rescue, PD Patrol work, as well as having a wonderfully clear, balanced and kind temperament for producing service and therapy dogs. 

    From the Sire Line:
    An impressive and heavily boned young male, Gerry is a substantial bicolor male with large, masculine head typical of the East German / DDR Dogs. 100% East German Pedigree. Strong and full grips to the sleeve, he loves the work and performs the task with speed and good energy.  His tracking skills are very strong, with this being one of the reasons we were so interested in bringing Gerry over to the States.
      Gerry has sired two very good litters in Germany before being imported for our kennel. His pups are beautifully structured with strong bone. Deep pigment coloration of coats has been outstanding in his pups, as well as the gorgeous head type that he passes along into his offspring. He crosses well with East German, Czech and Slovak dogs for producing not only very sound home companion and protection dogs, but excellent competition dogs and Police working dogs for Narcotics and Apprehension work.  His temperament is outgoing, stable and friendly.  Gerry's scores were 96's - 99's in his trcking work, and he is pronounced in protection.  A very nice dog to be around, he is warm and fun loving always ready and willing to do whatever  you ask of him. We anticipate many excellent litters for our kennel from this outstanding male.

    Gerry's Sire, Uncas vom Poppitz,  has consistently been a top producer in Germany for a combination of outstanding working ability and strong temperament.  In addition to the excellent bloodlines Gerry inherits from his sire line, he inherits the incredible and well known protection and tracking abilities from the great DDR sire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck.   
      We've long admired the bloodlines of Lord vom Gleisdreieck, observing the strong tracking and protection qualities that he imparts to his progeny. Gerry also exhibits very strong scenting qualities and excells in tracking work.  We Anticipate pups from his daughter Phyre in combination with our other DDR Studs who are also high in tracking abilities will produce pups with these same fine qualities. 

    From the Dam Line:
      Imported from Germany, Tina von der Feuersaule is a 100% DDR female with excellent DDR head and dark pigment. Her father, DDR V Duke vom Schäferliesel is a well known stud in Germany and littermate to our much loved DDR Stud, "V" Dino vom Schäferliesel, SCH3, IPO3.   A large and very well proportioned female, she is Koered at 60 cm, with balanced and correct "V" Rated working structure.  She has a large structure with substantial bone and lovely conformation.  Her expression, character and head type is strong and elegant, and is what we seek in our DDR dogs, particularly in the females.  She is watchful of her surroundings and quickly settled in after her arrival to us.  She alerts boldly to strangers entering the premises.  Tina is a confident, agreeable female, and her bite work is fast, full, and hard, earning 95/92/96 in her SCH1 Title scores.   Tina is a proven mother and has produced good sized litters of healthy, robust pups and we anticipate her daughter will do the same and we look forward to utilizing her in our breeding program for Schraderhaus K9

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    Tina Gerry P Litter Blk Sable female Pink collar 7 wks
                                     Phyre @ 7 weeks of age

                                      Phyre @ 12 weeks of age
    Phyre 5 mos 3
    Phyre 12 wks 3
    Phyre 12 wks 2                                   @ 12 weeks of age
                                       @ 5 months of age
    Phyre 5 mos1
                                         Phyre's first litter is
                                                  sired by
                                        our Lux x ittiana son;
                                             Pure DDR Stud

                             "Sherman Tank von Schraderhaus"
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  • Phyre @ 34 mos

     Phyre @ 34 mos

    Phyre @ 6 mos
    Phyre 6 mos 1
    Phyre 6 mos 2
    Phyre 6 mos 1

    Phyre @ 6 mos

    Phyre @ 5 mos

    Phyre 5 mos 5
    Phyre 5 mos 6
    Phyre 5 mos 4
    Phyre @ 5 months

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