SG Aida Maestus

, KKL1,  5CJU1/P
 Imported from CZ,
Schraderhaus K9 Female

West German Flag 56x33

SG Aida Maestus
IPO3, FPR3, KKL1,  5CJU1/P
  • Sire: SCHH3 (V-BSP, SG-WUSV-WM), IPO3,      BUNDESSIEGER    08  V (BSZS) Javir vom Talka Marda
  • Dam: ZVV1, IPO1, SCHH1 Brook Laperys
  • West/ DDR/ Czech Pedigree
  • Black Sable
  • Hips 0/0 /Elbows normal
  • Clearance Tested DDC Veterinary: Degenerative   
         Myelopathy: DM certified N/A

  • Imported from Slovakia, Aida's pedigree consists of multiple WUSV, BSP and LGA Competition dogs, well known in working pedigrees. She is the daughter of the Hottest working sire available in Germany for more than five consecutive years in 2009, SCHH3 (V-BSP, SG-WUSV-WM), IPO3, BUNDESSIEGER 08 V (BSZS) Javir vom Talka Marda
    World Vice Sieger and multiple WUSV Competitor
     More info and pics of Javir

     Her dam,ZZV1, IPO1, SCHH1Brook Laperys is granddaughter of  SCHH3 IP3 (3X SG-BSP) WUSV FCI
    V Falk von den Wölfen, whose sire is
    SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH1
    V Ahron von Granit Rose.

     Aida's grandmother
    Charlie Bily Trpaslik  is the daughter of -WUSV-FCI- "V" Floh vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3, IP3, FH3(Ö) STAATSMEISTER,  BUNDESSIEGER... Charlie's dam is the incredible female "V" Denny Bílý Trpaslík..IPO3, SCHH3, ZVV3, UMČR IPO, IPO-FH.  Aida's pedigree background is of very good working lines, combining well known West working lines of V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993,  G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft   Included in her pedigree is is the legendary and well known Excellent producer of Czech working Police dogs, Grim z Pohranicni straze. Charlie's mother, IPO3, SCHH3, ZVV3, UMČR IPO, IPO-FH  V Denny Bílý Trpaslík  has produced several litters of excellent working progeny who have gone on to compete at very high levels, including Charlie's half brother,  Jack Bílý Trpaslik, IPO3, SCHH1, SCHH (VPG)3, son of WUSVX6, SCHH3, IPO3, ZVV3, ZM, SG Orry (IT)  Charlie's litter sister,  Cher Bílý Trpaslik produced the stud male  Bady Ze Svobodneho dvora, currently being utilized at stud by Jinopo in Czech Republic.
    Many more World Competition dogs are found in Aida's pedigree, ...Click pedigree link for more information!

                       Aida's Pedigree

     This is a  Super Working Pedigree  

     We're looking forward to the excellent working pups Aida will produce for our kennel,  for Schutzhund IPO, Narcotics and  police work as well as home and personal protection dogs.

    Aida's 1st litter for Schraderhaus K9
    was sired by
     our West German Import male,
    Aik vom Brachtpetal,
    BH, AD, IPO1
    Litter Born
    March 28th, 2014. 
    Click Here
    to view their " B " Litter


    Aida's 2015 litter
    was sired by
     our Czech /Slovak male
    (son of our female Hena Ben Ju...)
     Import male,
    D Camaro z Pat-Pan
    BH,  IPO1
    Litter Born
    April 17th, 2015
    Click Here
    to view their " V " Litter

    Aida's 2016 litter
    will be sired by
     our DDR /Czech  male
    Mango Cerna Bohemia
    from Belgium.
    Litter Expected
    late Summer, 2016
    Click Here
    to view their " N " Litter

  • Aida_Stack
    Aida Maestus in Czech Republic

    Aida _Front


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