Mango Cerna Bohemia

Hips OFA Good /ED Normal 
 Czech/Slovak/DDR Pedigree
( Imported from Belgium and at stud for Schraderhaus K9  )

  Frozen Semen on File for our Schraderhaus Females  


Mango Cerna Bohemia
DDR /CZ/Slovak pedigree
Hips OFA Good/ED Normal

  • HD: OFA Good /ED Normal
  • Sire: Oskar Milberku ZVV1, SCH2, 5JVQ2/P VÝBORNÝ, 2X CAC
  • Dam: Bora vom Domburger Land
  • Slovak/Czech/DDR Pedigree
  • Solid Black
  • DDC Veterinary DNA Tested : Degenerative Myelopathy
         Certified N/N /DM Clear
  • Mango is an  impressive and stunning, heavily boned, serious and substantial solid black male with excellent masculine characteristics.  Nicely proportioned with solid body structure and athletic working conformation, Mango is a very good combination of working Czech / Slovak and East German / DDR lines. Still a very young dog , he shows solid bite work with a deep crushing bite on the sleeve and strong grip, and shows good defence with no hesitation working the full body suit.   We thank our friend Oscar for giving us the opportunity to purchase this fine male and to be able to incorporate Mango into our breeding program. Oscar imported Mango as a young pup and has raised and provided Mango his training during his first 2+ years. 

    His pedigree consists of excellent working lineage of well known and proven producers of working dogs. 

    From Mango's father-line, Mango is the son of Oscar Milberku, ZVV1, SCHH 2, 5JVQ2/P VÝBORNÝ, 2X CAC , a well known Czech dog from Belgium, who has been used as stud to produce many excellent working offspring.  Oskar's sire, ,
    V Xac z Pohranicní stráze ZVV2, IPO2, SCHH1, ZPO1, FPR3   is considered to be one of the best producers to date.  Time and again Xac has proven his ability to produce extreme quality working progeny .  Xac is the son of 2 X CZECH CHAMPIONSHIP Winner,  ZPS1,OP1,ZVV3, SCHH3, IPO3 V 2*UM CR Gero z Blatenskeho zamku and ZVV1 Gola od Policie, litter sister to the well known producer Gent od Policie.   Mango is related to our stud dog Argo z Libocké zahrady, ZVV1, IPO1, KKL1  through V Xac z Pohranicní stráze ZVV2, IPO2, SCHH1, ZPO1, FPR3  who is Argo's sire and Mango's grandsire.   We imported Argo from Slovakia many years ago and he has produced several litters for our kennel, with very good offspring including two females that we kept back for our breeding females, SG Eina von Schraderhaus, BH, AD, TR1 and Odesssa von Schraderhaus. .
    From Mango's mother-line:  grandfather, SG Boban von den Grauen von Monstab SCHH 1, AD, and gr.grandmother V Sindy vom Schaferliesel, SCH3, KKL1 and  Gr. grandfather V Sven vom Gräfental SCHH3.  going farther in the pedigree to excellent producer for working police dogs VBORNY, 5JVQ2 /P Niko Milvel, ZM,ZVV1, IPO1, OP1 and VYBORNY Ex Hronovsky pramen..and back to .the impressive and substantial GREAT Czech stud dog H-I, SP-PS VD Titus z Pohranicni Straze CS, who was the son of SCHH3 Bero vom Friedersdorfer Flur , and grandson of  SchH3 V Held vom Ritterberg.

    Other great DDR Foundation stock is Gomo vom Schieferschloß, SchH3, FHV Pushkaß vom Haus Himpel,
    SchH1/PSH1 V POLICE DOG Golm vom Baruther Land,
    SCHH3,FH,PSH1,KÖR.5545/55 V Golf vom Ritterberg,
    SCHH3 ZVV2 V Bojar vom Schotterhof, SchH3/FH/PSH1V Arko vom Gräfental  V Alf vom Körnersee SCHH3/PSH1 , DDR studs Don Rolandsteich SCH2, FH &  Neumanns Jim SCH3, FH2, and of course, the very important foundation dog for the DDR lineage, SCHH3 V Ingo von Rudingen. and SCHH3 FH PSH1 V Golf vom Ritterberg 1978

    Mango has very good social character type, outstanding drives to the toys, excellent prey, and good defence. He is easy to train and work with,  and possesses a very strong willingness to please his handler on all levels.  He is a confident and sure stud male and has been tested both on a sleeve as well as the full bite suit, and is suitable for producing pups for serious Police work including single and dual purpose dogs for narcotics and apprehension.  He will also be used to produce excellent patrol dog prospects for use in and around the public.  He will be valued to improve upon temperament and because his character is so stable he will be excellent for producing dogs suitable for use as home companion dogs and protection of family within the home.
    This is a strong pedigree  to be used wherever there is need to improve hardness and biting strength, typical stud expression, courage and substance of bone and we anticipate will produce pups that have good civil defence and are not simply a sport dog.
    We are pleased to include this strong, impressive stud dog to be utilized in our breeding program at Schraderhaus K9.

    Pedigree for Mango

    No Linebreeding in 5 generations
    Mango 5 mos 350w
                                  Mango @ 5 mos
    Mango 10 mos 350w
                                  Mango @ 10 mos

     Mango @ 3 Yrs Old
    Mango 3 yrs 330wMango 35 mos

    Mango sitz 3 yrs
    Mango 35 mos

    MangoHead 35 mos 330w
     Mango 35 mos Old

    Mango 22 mosMango 22 mos

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