VD Camaro z Pat~Pan  

Imported from Czech Republic
 Schraderhaus K9 Stud Male
Bonitačný kód :   5CX5/55P 
CZ: Hips 0/0   /ED 0/0 Normal
DM Clear

Hena Ben-Ju son,
 Camaro z pat-pan   Camaro 8 mos

Tracking      Pics in Video

    Obedience 1      Obedience 2    Obedience 20 mos  Obedience 30 mos

 Agitation / Muzzle Work    

West German Flag 56x33

"VD" Camaro z Pat-Pan
Bonitačný kód :   5CX5/55P 
CZ: Hips 0/0  /ED 0/0 Normal
DM Clear
  • HD CZ : Hips 0/0    ED 0/0
  • Sire:SG Akrim z Karpatského dvora
  • Dam: VD Hena Ben-Ju
  • Slovak/Czech /West German Pedigree
  • BiColor Blk/tan
  • DM Clearance Tested DDC Veterinary: Degenerative   
         Myelopathy: DM CLEAR (Homozygous N/N, Clear)
  • Camaro Pedigree

  • Imported from Czech Republic, we are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to bring in this quality male into the US to be utilized in our breeding program.  We have long loved the bloodlines of Norbo Ben Ju, and Camaro descends through the mother line back to this strong and well proven bloodline of Norbo.  Camaro's great great grandmother is Trixa Ben Ju, from the well known competition "T" Working Litter , sired by Norbo and out of the dam, .G Ornela Ben-Ju  Trixa is highly titled and produces excellent working offspring, and is littermate sister to Tia Ben Ju, grandmother to our newly imported and highly titled female Bara z Ronbaru.   

    Camaro possesses a balanced temperament with a very good ability to assess correctly the situation before him. With a perfect amount of aloofness toward strangers he is still trustworthy and correct if properly introduced, yet quickly recognizes if a threat is present and will respond accordingly.
    Offering very crisp and precise obedience, this dog has a very good work ethic, loves to please and does his very best for the handler.  His bitework is fast and hard and he presents a very good civil response when provoked by the helper.

    From the Motherline: Hena Ben Ju's pedigree contains multiple WUSV, BSP and LGA competitors including her sire, SCHH 3, IPO 3, FH, WUSV 2011, 2 X FCI IPO, CACIT SG Cak Ben-Ju   along with WUSV 05 PLATZ 5 Orry vom Gehrenmoos WUSV 1999,Bonnie vom Schiffgarten,  and includes the multiple world competitor, VELMI DOBRY NORBO BEN-JU , 6X WUSV/FCI SCHH3,IPO3, ZVV2, BORDER PATROL 5KVS/55 Norbo is well known for producing serious and substantial dogs with large head
    type and dense bone structure, producing pups with high confidence which are strong in defense and civil in nature.
    We are clearly seeing these traits coming through strongly in Hena.  These along with excellent tracking capability are evident in Hena's offspring, all of which are traits
    proven passed along and inherited by her son Camaro.

    Hena has a very strong and confident temperament, with a wonderful calm demeanor.  She is observant and watchful of everything going on around her at all times. She has an excellent work ethic, demonstrating high courage with an intense, full grip in her bitework.  
    We see these same traits being passed along to her son Camaro, and will  utilize him  in our breeding program to solidify and to bring forward these excellent traits in the progeny produced for our kennel,
    as working pups for schutzhund, personal protection and home protection for knowledgeable dog owners,  as well as for narcotics and apprehension police work in the future. 

    Hena Ben-Ju_front

    Camaro's dam,
    our female
     Hena Ben-Ju

    Video 1
    Video 2 OB


    Camaro Baby pic 1a
    Camaro baby pics 4a
  •  Camarostack335w Camaro z Pat Pan


    Camaro sitz


    Camaro Obedience 

    Camaro baby pics

    Camaro baby pics 3a

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