Norbo Ben-Ju

 6 X Competitor on the World Team !
6X WUSV / FCI  SchH3, IPO3, ZVV2,

5KVS/55 1st Select Breeding Class for Life



Norbo Ben Ju--Description

Norbo's Pedigree

Norbo Ben Ju_
Tribute in Passing


Norbo Ben Ju has been one of the most influential producing stud dogs worldwide for the original working German Shepherd Dog. He is truly one of the finest producing stud males to ever be imported into the United States and has earned his place in history for improving upon not only the working ability of the original GSD but for imparting strength in structural integrity into his offspring.

Norbo has proven himself many times over as a Top Internationally Acclaimed producing stud male. He was the sire of the Famous T. Ben Ju litter which is a testament to how well Norbo imparts his tremendous biting power, strength of nerves, and height of working drives into his progeny. Within the T. Ben Ju litter you will see the number 1 working German Shepherd Female last year, Tia Ben Ju who won the World Team Qualifier in 03' and was 8th on the World Team, Littermate Tango, who is a top WUSV/ FCI competitor, and the Top working/producing female Trixa Ben Ju who was the # 2 Working female out of the Former Communist Block Region last year, WINNER OF THE PROTECTION PHASE IN THE WORLD TEAM QUALIFIER IN 02" and Recently earned her IPO3 in March of 03 at a very serious competition in Europe scoring 100/92/97.

 Norbo is extreme in his overall working drives, but has classic German Shepherd temperament in that he has the ability to settle when he has finished working. He has a very positive approach with children and has a wonderful warmth in overall character type with the family.

               Slovakian Bloodlines and Imported
         from Czech Republik in 2004,

     Norbo was Owned and Co-owned  by
               Dari and John James and Kristy Mull
            Norbo's info and  photos provided 
              with permission, courtesy of their kennel




6X WUSV Competitor before 5, SchH3, IPO3, ZVV1, 1st select class for life, perfect 0/0hips/elbows, son of Car, grandson of Titus z PS
  Norbo Ben Ju was on the World Team 6 times before 5 years of age. He was on the WUSV Team 3x's for SchH3 and 3x's for IPO3. He won The International Working Stud Show in Bratislava in October of 2000 where he completed his competition career.

  Norbo has earned 1st select breeding class for life, is a SchH3, IPO3, ZVV1, 6x on the World Team, 5KV5/55 (pronounced across the board in temperament).

  His sire Car z Kostoljanskej cesty was one of the most successful producing stud dogs in Slovakia, as far as the number of offspring successfully placed in the Championship competition of working dogs. His dam Norba-Chuna Policia comes from the finest lines of the Pohranicni Straze dogs. N. Chuna's famous litter produced not only Chuna as a top producer but Chola is seen as well.
The Car x Titus bloodline combination produced many outstanding working dogs, as Norbo is a Titus grandson through his damline Chuna. Norbo was trained by an incrediably hard handler that put him through extremely tough training. He is such a hard strong male with perfect nerves, that this training style left positively no effect on his perfect character type.
Comments by the Former Head Of the Border Patrol Breeding Program and Former owner of the Lengendary Norbo Ben Ju
Dari, I personally appreciate NORBO very much especially because of the quality of his offspring. They are strong healthy dogs with enormous working drives. He unquestionably improves upon hips and elbows.
I have many progeny from Norbo and not many dogs can match them in their hardness and grip strength.

At the moment I'm preparing new stud dog from NORBO.  His name is AGAR. I have started to train him only 3 months ago. Before he was a green dog without any training. I can tell you that in 3 weeks he will have ZVV1 title and ZVV2 by the end of 2004. He is a typical stud dog from Norbo with enormous working drives.

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