WuffJager von Schraderhaus

Working SAR Dog
Pure East German/DDR Pedigree
 Owned by Denise Van Ostean, OR.
Frozen semen stored for Schraderhaus K9

"WuffJager von Schraderhaus
Pure DDR/East German Pedigree
Owned by Denise Van Ostean, OR.

WuffJager is an exuberant and lively  pure DDR male out of our DDR Import, Xenna vom Parchimer Land.  He is working on his SAR Certifications and is in process of obtaining his HR certs.  He is a working SAR Dog. 

Jager's sire is our Pure East German DDR Stud Lux vom Kameruner Eck.  Lux is V Rated, Sch3, KKL1 for Life.  Imported from Germany, Lux's pedigree is excellent working lineage of Pure DDR/ East German bloodlines. His drive for the ball is incredible, and in protection work he comes at the helper like a rocket. with excellent civil and defensive drive.  Lux's temperament is very solid and he is an attentive dog to the handler. 
He is agreeable, willing and ready to work.
Lux's Sire,
Tino vom Felsenschloß was a highly sought after sire in Germany, siring excellent working progeny. Lux is a grandson of Lord vom Gleisdreieck, well known for imparting excellent working drives into his offspring,  particularly for tracking and protection work.  DDR Lines to Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen (credited for producing some of the strongest structural health for the working German Shepherd gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities).

WuffJager's Pedigree

Xenna Lux Darkest Male 325

WuffJager  @ 4 wks

Wuff Jager 15 mos
WuffJager @ 17 mos


WuffJager SAR Dog May 2012
Wuff Jäger von Schraderhaus
@ 24 mos

Wuff Jager @ 8 mos
WuffJager at 8 mos

Wuff Jager Air Trailing 15 mos
@ 15 mos _Working on his Trailing Certification with Denise

WuffJager_Pollen on head
@ 18 mos _Pollen on his head from tracking in the flowers  :))



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