Odessa von Schraderhaus

Odessa von Schraderhaus
SV: HD A2 & ED Normal

A strong dark sable female with  a substantial body type, lovely head and expression and an intense personality with lots of zip.  She is fast and agile, and serious in nature.
Odessa's mother
Uva z Jirkova dvora was imported direct from the Jinopo Kennel in CZ for Schraderhaus K9, where she was utilized as a foundation breeding female for Jiri Novotny at Jinopo. 
Uva's sire is the highly acclaimed
6 time WORLD Competition dog Norbo Ben Ju.. 

Uva has proven her ability to pass along her incredible working drive and love for the work into her offspring, as well as strong head type, and very thick,  substantial bone.  This young female demonstrates strong and fast  prey / hunt drive and an extreme confidence in temperament.  Friendly and outgoing, she also possesses excellent natural suspicion necessary for protection work.  She has a sure and confident nature and is excellent with children.  Odessa has strong nerve and great drive characteristic of these fine working lines.

Odessa's Pedigree
Argo's Pedigree      Uva's Pedigree   

Odessa's Dam, Uva z Jirkova dvora 
Is Linebred on the following DDR Dogs

Linebreeding - 5 generations
5 - 5..... in V Bojar vom Schotterhof

Odessa's 1st litter is a
3-3 Linebreeding  on Norbo Ben Ju,
sired by our young male
SG Norbo Den Lu von Schraderhaus,
ZVV1, IPO1..
Pups had excellent drive and stable temperaments.
very high in tracking ability
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Litter Pedigree_Odessa x Norbo Den Lu

Odessa 3 mos 210wOdessa @ 3 months of age

Odessa 3.5 monthsOdessa @ 3.5 months of age


Odessa May 17 2017_1
Odessa May 14 2017-1a
Odessa May 2017
Odessa 26.5 mos 345w
Odessa @ 26.5 months of age
Odessa 26.5 mos
Odessa Head_26.5 mosOdessa @ 26.5 months of age

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