Grim von Schraderhaus

Pure DDR Pedigree
SV :Hips A1 /ED A1 Normal
(V Lux vom Kameruner Eck   x    V Dany vom Gräfental)

 Schraderhaus K9 Stud
Frozen Semen on File

Grim von Schraderhaus 
Pure DDR-East German Pedigree
SV: Hips A1/ED A1 Normal

Grim is a beautiful young male, with a very nice temperament, excellent substance of structure and huge bone and head. 
He is a deeply pigmented black sable male.

Grim's excellent producing sire is our Pure East German DDR Stud Lux vom Kameruner Eck Lux is V Rated, Sch3, KKL1 for Life.  Imported from Germany, his pedigree is excellent working lineage of Pure DDR/ East German bloodlines.  Lux is an extreme quality male with very good work ethic demonstrating super bitework, super retrieve, and confidence on slick floors. He is a large boned, substantial male with an excellent large blocky head that the DDR dogs are so well known to possess and pass along into their offspring.  He possesses a deep, richly  pigmented dark black sable coat which he has consistently passed along to his offspring.  His drive for the ball is incredible, and in protection work he comes at the helper like a rocket. with excellent civil and defensive drive.  Lux's temperament is very solid and he is an attentive dog to the handler. 
He is agreeable, willing and ready to work.
Lux's Sire,
Tino vom Felsenschloß has consistently been a highly sought after sire in Germany, siring excellent working progeny. In addition, Lux is a grandson of Lord vom Gleisdreieck, well known for imparting excellent working drives into his offspring,  particularly for tracking and protection work.  DDR Lines to Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen (credited for producing some of the strongest structural health for the working German Shepherd gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities).

Grim's dam,  V Dany vom Gräfental was Imported from Germany several years ago for our kennel.  Dany is a
100% DDR female, V Rated, Sch2 and KKL1 with excellent DDR head and dark pigment that is known to the DDR Dogs.  Like his mother Dany, Grim is a well proportioned male with very nice correct topline and underline, substantial bone and intense expression with dark eyes.  His expression, character and head type is super and is typical of what we strive for in our DDR dogs.  Grim's coat color is  a rich dark black sable with excellent  pigmentation. He has an outgoing and free temperament. and shows good ball drive and very good natural suspicion and protection instinct making this future sire an excellent choice for pups which will be suitable for Schutzhund, Excellent for Narcotics work or S & R dogs, Schutzhund, PSA, personal protection and home/family protection dogs.

We are focusing Grim's training in scent work due to the strong natural tracking and scenting abilities he inherits from his father Lux.  His temperament is exhuberant and well balanced with an incredible hunt / ball drive, making him one to produce working prospects for a variety of venues including SAR and home protection dogs, excellent tracking and narcotics dogs, as well as IPO and Schutzhund sport prospects.  Our future breeding plans will be focused on producing pups in these working venues as we utilize this super nice quality young male and look forward to the future offspring he will contribute to our breeding program for Schraderhaus K9.

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Dany Lux black collar male 310 w
Grim @ 3 wks

Dany Lux blk collar male 7wksGrim @ 7 wks
Gri @ 17 wks 335Grim platz_ 17 wks old

Grim Head_6 mos 335w
Grim at 6 mos 335w

Grim @ 6 mos
Grim sitz 6 mos 335w


Grim Head_4 yrs old 335w
Grim at 4 yrs old

Grim Sitz 4 yrs old 350w

Grim at 3yr 4 mos 335w
Grim @ 3 yrs 4 mos

Grim 21 mos
Grim @ 21 mos

Grim head 11 mos

Grim @ 11mos

Grim 10 mos

Grim 10 mos Fleur 11 mos

Grim (Lux x Dany) 11 mos,      Fleur (Molly x Lord) 11 mos

Grim 6.5 mos 335w

Grim @ 6.5 mos 

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