Etta von Schraderhaus
Pure East German/DDR Pedigree
 Schraderhaus K9 Female

"Etta von Schraderhaus" 
Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

Etta is a female of our own breeding, out of our lovely DDR female, Ittiana von Schraderhaus .  She is an exuberant and lively female with very good hunt drive, food drive, very strong herding instinct and is an extremely agile and athletic girl. She is a gorgeous black sable with good substance, and a beautiful DDR type head and dark pigment. Like her mother Ittiana, she is a correctly proportioned female with slightly sloping topline and underline, substantial bone and lovely expression.  She has an outgoing and free temperament, non confrontational and accepting of other animals, and kind with children.  Etta is very dark like her mother Ittiana.
An outgoing female, Etta has a bubbly personality with tons of play drive.  She is wonderful inside the house, with an appreciated ability to settle when she comes inside after the day is done. We anticipate she will do well in herding due to
her excellent athletic abilities, as well as producing calm, friendly pups suitable for therapy and service dog work.
She has a super good nose, with very good hunt drive which, along with having an excellent friendly temperament, will make her offspring great SAR candidates as well.
Etta 6.5 mos_platz 315w Etta @ 6.5 mos                 

Etta's Sire
, Dino vom Schaferliesel, SCH3, IPO3,
is an  impressive heavily boned, solid black male with masculine and strong head typical of the East German / DDR Dogs. 100% East German Pedigree.
Dino is V Rated, KKL1 with Hips A1 and ED Normal.
   Dino has an excellent disposition and work ethic.  His pups will possess his spirit of kindness and exhibit his passion and excitement for the ball and excellent deep nose for tracking along with good protection skills and sure and stable temperaments.  Dino's pups have good pigment coloration of coats, will excellent conformation.  Temperament and drive for the work has been outstanding in his pups, as well as the gorgeous head type that he passes along into his offspring. 
Itti Dino flor. orange fe320w
Etta @ 7 weeks
Ittiana Dino blk sable female_orange collar
   Etta @ 9 wksETTA 4 mos
 Etta @ 13 wks

Etta's1st litter for Schraderhaus K9
was sired by
 our East German male,

 Grim von Schraderhaus
Grim's sire is our DDR Stud
V Lux vom Kameruner Eck,
Litter Born
January 17th, 2015. 

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to view their "S" Litter


Etta's "J" Litter
 is sired by our DDR Stud

 Gero vom Wartenberg
Litter Born
April 8th, 2016.
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to view their " J " Litter


Etta's "2017" Litter
 will be sired by our DDR Stud
 "V" Gerry von Weltwitz
BH, AD, IPO3, FH2,  KKL1
Litter Anticipated
July 20, 2017. 
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to view their " 2017" Litter

Etta sitz 23 mosEtta @ 23 months

Etta 17.5 mosEtta 17.5 months

Etta 17.5 mos 320wEtta @ 17.5 mos
Etta at 17.5 mos 2Etta 17.5 mos old
Etta 6.5 mos sit6.5 mos
Etta stand 6.5 mos 315w6.5 mosEtta @ 6.5 months

Etta Gero I Litter of 12
J litter Newborns

Jairzinko 10mos
Jairzinko @ 10 Months
Etta x Gero Male pup, J Litter


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