Tracker Ace von Schraderhaus

Ort1, Ort3,
West German-Belgium and East German DDR Pedigree

Frozen semen stored for Schraderhaus K9

Tracker Ace von Schraderhaus
ORT1, ORT3, Hips A1, DM Clear
West German- Belgium &
DDR/East German Pedigree

 Sired by
Multiple WUSV Competitor and USA/ WUSV
Team Member

 ACEOFNIKE Van Het Bleekhof! 
  • DOB  10/012009
  • HD:  Hips SV A1 & Elbows Normal
  • Sire:  WUSV Vice Sieger
    V ACEOFNIKE Van Het Bleekhof!   SCH3, KKL1 
  • Dam: SG Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen  SCH1, KKL1
  • West German, Belgium and DDR /East German Pedigree
  • Black Sable, Carries for black recessive, standard coat
  • DNA Tested: Degenerative Myelopathy
    Results: DM CLEAR (Homozygous N/N, Clear)

Pedigree for Tracker Ace von Schraderhaus

A male of our own breeding and born here at Schraderhaus K9, we are pleased to include this substantial and exhuberant sire in our breeding program. 
Tracker's pedigree contains multiple WUSV, BSP and LGA competitors;
From Tracker's Sire Line: WUSV: VICE-SIEGER, HIGH A, HIGH B, 4X WUSV. SCHH3  SG Aceofnike van het Bleekhof
 , Paternal Grandsire, SCHH 3  Ufo van Guy's Hof ,  and great grandfather WUSV CHAMP, 5X WUSV COMPETITOR, SCHH3, IPO3, FH SG Link vom Muikenshof .  Additional well known producers include VH1, PH1 Natan vom Pacheco's Haus and  V3, IP3 INJD. AFR. KAMP '86 Rick van Tiekerhook.
From the Motherline,
 SG Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen BH, AD, SCH1, comes Great Grandfather and well known producing stud dog,  G-BSP 1997, SCH3, FH2 V Aly vom Vordersteinwald and  SCH3 , FH1 (3X BSP) V Macho vom Kosakenwald

Other greats in this pedigree include
4XBSP,1XWUSV,SCHH3, FH G Lewis von Malatesta and the great producer of a multitude of well known working progeny, V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft.

Tracker has an outgoing, funloving and very confident temperament.  He is exuhberant and playful in all he participates in.. Demonstrating an excellent scenting ability along with high ball drive, coupled with a very loving attitude toward children and other small animals, Tracker is a very good choice for pups which will be used in SAR work or Therapy work or work with children, because of his calm, easy going and loving nature.  We anticipate he will also provide us with progeny suitable to be utilized in the Medical Alert Field for Diabetes alert, seizure alert, and PTSD. We will utilize him in our breeding program to solidify and to bring forward these excellent traits in his progeny produced for our kennel.

View Pics of Siblings..

Trina von Schraderhaus

Tazer Ace von Schraderhaus
Traumatizer von Schraderhaus

Click to view video of Trauma
as a puppy

Tracker Ace 4 mos
                               Tracker @ 4 mos

Large picture of Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen

Tracker's Dam, SG Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen, SCH1, KKL1

Aceofnike van het bleekhof_courage

Tracker's Sire, V ACEOFNIKE Van Het Bleekhof!   SCH3, KKL1 

Tracker Ace ORT1 , ORT3
Tracker with Jean earn his ORT1 and ORT3

Tracker Ace 8.5 mos2

Tracker @ 8.5 mos

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