Tazer Ace von Schraderhaus



  West German Working Line Male  

 Aceofnike        X Yumi 

 Born October 1st, 2009

Aceofnike van het bleekhof_courage  Large picture of Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen
WUSV Vice Seiger Aceofnike van Het Bleekhof
  Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen

Taze Ace 5.5 mos
Owned by Cat Best, www.vonwustentraum.com

Tazer Ace is a stunning solid black male
son of the World competitor and WUSV Vice Sieger
AceofNike van Het Bleekhof 
 HIGH A, HIGH B, 4X WUSV. SCHH3, Kkl 1, Hips A1 & ED Normal
SchraderhausK9ís "SG" Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen
 BH, AD, SchH1, Hips A1 & ED Normal (Elbow xrays at 8 years of age!)

At 6 months Tazer stands approx. 21-22 inches tall and weighs 52 pounds.

Tazer @ 4 mos
Tazer @ 4 mos

Tazer_w Izzy 330w

Tazer @ 5 mos with friend Izzy

Tazer with Ball

Tazer with Ball



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