Sergeant Major von Schraderhaus

Washington State Police K9
 Narcotics Detection
and Police Apprehension

with trainer Franz Tisch
Pure East German/DDR Pedigree
DM Clear
Frozen semen on file

"Sergeant Major von Schraderhaus" 
 Working Police K9
for Washington State

Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

Frozen semen on file

Sergeant's Pedigree

Sarge Waiting for the Release

Sarge_Preparing to begin the track

Sarge's Track Begins

Sarge Starts the track

Sarge has the trail of perpetrator

Continuing on the track

Sarge follows his trail off the path and back on..

Staying right on target
Sarge keeping good focus and right on track
Sarge follows the trail of perpetrator
Finds bad guy in COOK SHACK
Come out withi hands up
Come me your hands
Dog sent after fleeing perpetrator
Sarge Apprehension Training 15 mosSarge_Apprehension Training @ 15 months
 with Franz Tisch

Watchem Sarge

Watchem Sarge 3
The Reward

Sarge 1 year oldSarge 1 year old
Sarge_Platz 345wKitsap County K9 Trainer Franz Tisch
working with Sarge

Sarge_platzSarge @ 1 year old
Sarge_Bitework 1 year
Sarges Bitesleve
Sarge's Sleeve

Sarge_Sitz 1 year
Sarge @ 1 year old

Testing Sarge's Drive and Temperament for the workSarge and jim playtime 1
Sarge and Jiim playtime 2
Sarge and Jim playtime 3
Sarge and Jim playtime 4






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