"V" Oxy von Weltwitz  

"V" Rated Working Structure, 
BH, AD, IPO1 (95/94/90), KKL,
Hips SV-A1 /  ED Normal 
Pure DDR Pedigree,
DM Clear

( Imported from Germany )

"V" Oxy von Weltwitz
 BH, AD, IPO1, (95 94/90)
Hips A1 /ED Normal, KKL,

Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

  • HD: SV A1 / ED Normal
  • Sire: V Till vom Ludwigseck
  • Dam: V Isy von Weltwitz
  • Pure East German/ DDR Pedigree
  • Black Sable
  • German Import
  • DDC Veterinary Clearance Tested: Degenerative Myelopathy Results: DM Clear, N/N

Imported from Germany in whelp to Mamo von Weltwitz, Oxy is a 100% DDR female with correct V Rated working structure .  She is black sable in color. 
 A well proportioned female with a very nice overall balanced structure, Oxy has good protection skills and like her mother Isy, is very high in tracking and scenting ability.
With an outgoing and free temperament, Oxy is a confident female with a friendly nature but who possersses the vcorrect amount of natural suspision with strangers until she gets to know them. . 
A kind, nurturing mother, she takes excellent care of her babies, which we believe to be a very important aspect in the developement of what the pups will turn out to be as adults.  Oxy will be an excellent choice for producing pups which will be suitable for SAR,  Police Patrol and Narcotics apprehension, Family protection, IPO sport, and therapy dogs.

Pedigree for  "V" Oxy von Weltwitz 

Oxy 's 2016 litter is sired
 by Pure DDR Stud,

V Mamo von Weltwitz,
A1 /ED Normal

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Oxy x Mamo's "S" Litter

Oxy 's 2017 litter is sired
 by Pure DDR Stud,

SG Gero vom Wartenberg,  
A1 /ED Normal

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Oxy x Gero's "C" Litter
Oxy von Weltwitz 330wV Oxy von Weltwitz

Oxy x Mamo Litter

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