Eli vom Schraderhaus

Pure East German/DDR Pedigree
 Frozen Semen on File for Schraderhaus K9

" Eli vom Schraderhaus "  

 Pure DDR/East German Pedigree

  • HD: Hips OFA Good & Elbows Normal
  • Sire: V Lux vom Kameruner Eck, SCH3, KKL1
  • Dam: Ittiana von Schraderhaus HIC,  PP
  • DDR /East German Pedigree
  • Black Sable
  • DM Homozygous N/N, Clear through Parentage

    In November of  2015,  Eli von Schraderhaus became the first dog (and at this writing, the ONLY dog ) in the state of Texas to obtain a World Cynosport RL3 Title (rally level 3) under the training direction of his owner, Carla S in TX.  The pair is also working in Lure coursing and will also try their hand at herding.   All titles earned by Eli have been obtained with his owner Carla, competing as handler/owner/trainer team (HOT), and we are immensely proud of them both for their accomplishments together.     View Eli's Working Page

    is an impressive male of our own breeding, out of our lovely DDR female, Ittiana von Schraderhaus .  A large, exuberant and confident male, Eli shows very good hunt drive, food drive, and is an extremely agile and athletic dog.  A solid and bold male with good substance, Eli has an excellent working structure possessing substantial bone structure and head type.
    Eli is friendly and non confrontational and accepting of other animals with a very kind spirit. He
    demonstrates very good scent work and hunt drive.  In addition to his titles earned in World Cynosport  Rally where he currently holds the spot of #9 dog in the US, he also works in herding, showing an adept and natural instinct for commanding respect from the sheep immediately upon entering their enclosure.  He is also participating in Lure coursing and enjoys it immensley showing great prey instinct and speed for the chase. 
    We anticipate he will produce offspring with very good hunt drive, good prey drive and an excellent work ethic who are highly trainable... producing good family dogs with high ball/play drive who are loyal and offer good protectiion to the home and family along with having an outgoing, trustyworthy temperament.  He will also produce progeny with good potential as capable candidates for use as SAR dogs, medical alert and therapy dogs as well as a multitude of working fields where it is important to focus on their inherited abilities for scent work.

    We are very proud of this fine male, and are pleased to offer this excellent ambassador of the GSD as one of our future sires, representing the quality of the offspring produced here at Schraderhaus K9.   A huge thank you goes out to Eli's owner Carla in Texas for helping us to include ELi in our breeding program here at Schraderhaus K9. 

    Eli's Sire, V Lux vom Kameruner Eck, SCH3, KKL1, is one of our most beloved stud dogs we've had the pleasure of knowing and utilizing throughout our history as a breeding kennel. An Absolutely impressive heavily boned, black sable male with masculine and strong head typical of the East German / DDR Dogs,. Lux is  V Rated, KKL1 for Life,  A2 hips/ ED Normal.  Lux's Sire, Tino vom Felsenschloss
     has consistently been a top producer in Germany for a combination of outstanding structure and temperament. 
    In addition to the excellent bloodlines Lux inherits from his sire line, he inherits the incredible and well known protection and tracking abilities from his maternal grandsire, possessing
     the valued distinction of being the grandson of  the great DDR sire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck.   View 1995 Lord Video,. Lord is recognized as
    one of the most influential past stud dogs to have contributed to the DDR Breed as we know it today.

    Like his father and grandfather before him, Lux has an excellent disposition and work ethic.  His pups and grandpups have consistently proven to possess his spirit
    of kindness and exhibit his excitement and drive for the
    ball and excellent deep nose for tracking, along with good protection skills and sure and stable temperaments.  His offspring have deeply pigmented coloration of coats, with excellent working structure and substance of bone.  Temperament and drive for the work has been outstanding in his pups, as well as the gorgeous head type that he passes along into his offspring.   Lux embodies all of the wonderfully sought after attributes that are associated with these East German dogs and has consistently passed these sought after qualities into his offspring produced here at Schraderhaus K9; highly evident in this yet another impressive Lux son, Eli von Schraderhaus. 
    View our FULL Sister to Eli from an earlier litter, 
    Jetta von Schraderhaus and Full Brother, Sergeant Major von Schraderhaus, Working PDK9 for Washington State.

    Eli's Pedigree
    Eli's Hips 24 mos                       Eli's Hip films 2 years of age...
                                  Certified OFA GOOD !!
                                             ED Normal

    Eli left elbow Eli rt elbow

    We are proud to include Eli as future stud
    to be utilized
    within our breeding program
    for Schraderhaus K9.

    Watch for updates on future litters
    produced by this fine Schraderhaus pure DDR stud dog..
    "Eli von Schraderhaus"
    Eli's first Schraderhaus Litter
    will be with our DDR Female,
    V Izy von Weltwitz., IPO3
     To view their 2017 Litter
    Click Here

    Eli 5.5 wks
    Eli 5.5 wks old

    Eli Puppy Class
    Eli in Puppy Class

    Eli 16 mosEli 16 mos

    Eli 22 months 300wEli @ 22 mos

Eli Happy 4th of July 2016
Happy 4th of July, 2016
from Eli

Eli @ 3 yrs old
Eli 3 yrs old
Eli Herding Pic1_3 yrs oldEli @ 3 yrs old
Eli von SchraderhausEli von Schraderhaus
Highest Scoring dog title Rally 4.2015
Eli Cynosport Rally 3 Title
Eli Ranked no 19 in 2015 World Cynosport
ELI HIC Certification 2016
Eli 31 mosEli 31 mos
Eli August 22 2015August 22, 2015
Eli 30 mosEli 30 mos

Eli 30 mos3

Eli 28 mos28 mos

Eli 21 mos 221 mos

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