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Hips OFA Good /ED Normal
Narcotics and Apprehension Trained
DM Clear

 Schraderhaus K9  Female

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Denzi von Schraderhaus comes home...

December 2015
Nearly three years ago, I sold #1 pick puppy to a client, one of the VERY few pups I've sold on payment terms. This is SOOOOOO why I don't sell my pups on contract. My client promised he would do good things with this pup. He paid a portion down, then sent me one more payment, then quit paying. I lost contact with him, couldn't find him, and then out of the blue, another person contacted me almost a year later, saying he had been "given" my dog, was given her by my client, and wanted information on her parents. He was trying to get her papers, that had not been forthcoming from my client and first owner of this pup, when the dog was given to him...this was because he didn't have them, because she was not yet HIS and papers were in my name!! I informed this person who contacted me that she had not been fully paid for, and that she was not my client's dog to give away, to anyone, and that in the event he couldn't keep her for any reason, I had first right of refusal. I hadn't been given that option. I learned by his own words from the person contacting me and who was "given" my dog was a cop. A Narcotics and Border patrol cop In Arizona, Officer Caleb Davis. . A cop employed in a very hostile, remote and demanding area of very high crime . I first gave him the option of purchasing her for the balance due, but he said he didn't have any money, then he got nasty with me saying he didn't have any responsibility to make good on the transaction I had with my client on the purchase of her. She had been given to him. "Wrong"...I told him. "She was not paid for. Thus, she is now classified as stolen property, and you are harboring stolen goods that belong to me. " I then sent him written notice that he return her to me as such. He refused to send her back, I filed a written, formal complaint report with his department, who basically covered for him, telling me that it was a civil matter (what?? an officer sworn to uphold the law, who is now knowingly harboring stolen goods, and they look the other way saying it's a civil matter??) I took him to court to regain possession of my dog. The contact from him saying he had my dog began nearly a year ago. Multiple conversations later trying to get him to return her were for naught, and just prior to him having to go to court to face the court charges here in my state, rather than returning my dog to me, he GIVES THE DOG AWAY TO A MINOR there in Arizona, a minor who he states WANTED THIS Police APPREHENSION TRAINED DOG TO TAKE TO COLLEGE FOR PROTECTION...(ahhh...yeah right, that would be allowed by the college ! ! ) well, long story short, I then proceeded through the court system, was granted an order of possession, and an official judgement against him. Then finally... after hiring a Private Investigator to locate and recover my dog from his control and from the parties he had hidden my dog out with...and nearly a YEAR later (it will be a year in July) , at last, TODAY, I am thrilled to report I have received my dog back from Arizona.

Officer Caleb Davis
has yet to make good on paying this judgement I have been awarded by the courts....But..In will happen. 

MANY Thanks to my good friends and clients Mike and Nancy K...who must remain nameless for safety and protection purposes... and to my 2nd Attorney and puppy client TOM G who I now consider also a very good friend!!! Yes... you ALL know who you are! I will be forever grateful for making the possession and reclaiming of my dog a reality, and for helping execute the vet exam and flight back here to me, and for housing my girl Denzi and taking care of her these past several days during the process of getting her back home to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm adding a video of Denzi as a puppy...7 weeks, with littermates...

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