Supplements we use and Recommend

It's NOT necessary to purchases these vitamins marketed specifically for DOGS>>>
They are the same vitamins that we HUMANS use, and you can find them in the pharmacy "over the counter" section
in most any grocery or department store, such as WalMart, Costco, Fred Meyer, WalGreens, ect.

 For the 4 in 1 Probiotic, we do recommend the specific brand shown below;  " First Choice Naturals, Inc."


Spring Valley Fruit flavored Vitamin C 500 mg. 
Start pups at 10-12 weeks on 125 mg  2 X daily, and gradually increase the dosage as they are able to tolerate without getting loose stools. 
Increase this dosage so that at 1 yr of age they
are receiving 1000 mg per day, then By 18 mos they are receiving 1500 mg per day, and by 2 years they are receiving 2000 mg per day.
This can be divided daily between two meals.

Spring Valley Vitamin E Supplement 400 IU,100 Softgels Expires 2019 or Better

Vitamin E Gel Caps, 400 IU  
1 x Daily with food







Spring Valley All Natural Fish Oil Heart Health 1000 Mg/300 Mg Omega-3 200 So...
Spring Valley Fish Oil Gel Caps
1000 mg  Give 1 x Daily with food

Spring Valley Cod Liver Oil Supplement, 100ct
Spring Valley Cod Liver Oil
Give pups the following:
up to 9 months of age:

 1 gel cap every 3 days,
9 months to 18 months: give
1 gel cap every other day with food
18 mos and thru adulthood: give
1 gel cap daily with food.



Double Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin 43 Soft Chews Spring Valley( See descrip

If your dog is willing to eat these like they are a treat, they can be used in place of the tablets at right.  Start at 14 weeks, & begin with half of the adult maximum human dose as per package directions, and increase to maximum adult dose by age 6 months of age into adulthood. 

Spring Valley Glucosamine Chondroitin Triple Strength 80 Each Exp 08/2019

Start after 14 weeks of age... Start out with half as per maximum adult human dose and increase to maximum adult dose by age 6 months into adulthood.


Glycoflex is for bone and joint health.   You
may administer this product in combination
with the others listed on this page. 
Dose as per manufacture's direction on bottle

Spring Valley - MSM 1000 mg 90 Capsules

MSM is a natural Anti-Inflammatory..
Start your pup on this at 12-14 weeks,
@ 1 tablet per day up to 12 months,
and after 12 months give 2 tablets daily with food and continue throughout their lifetime.

Kaolin Pectin and Pumpkin

For Control of Diarrhea due to change of diet,
or from the stress of being away from their siblings
or if going to new environment & home.
Kaolin Pectin Suspension available at livestock feed stores,
Raw Pureed Pumpkin found in your grocery bakery section.

First Choice Naturals 4 in 1 Probiotic Orange
Directions: Use on all meals and use increased amounts, up to double the recommended dose listed on bottle, during times of stress or if your dog is on antibiotics

Choose a Natural grain free canned food
For meals:
 use approx.
1 Tablespoon per meal,
Mix with kibble, and hot water
sufficient to make a consistency like chili.

Your puppy is being raised on the kibble above
Made by NutriSource Brand.
Training Collar that we recoommend for our puppies..
Martingale style nylon choke collar. 
Adjustable, double padded nylon with
quick clasp.  We like the 1/2" size
which we feel lis is best for puppies.
Available from PetSmart

Contact us with questions about these and other feeding issues
as pertains to your Schraderhaus Puppy,
please email us and we will be happy to assist you.
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from our
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