"V" Hurican von den Wölfen

SCH3 , IPO3 , FH1 , KKL1
2 X BSP , 3 X LGA
Hips A1 / ED Normal   
West German and Belgium Bloodlines

 Imported from Germany for Schraderhaus K9 & Co-Owned with Timberhaus K9 

Available for Stud to Approved Females
Frozen Semen on File

West German Flag 56x33 Belgium Flag

"V" Hurican von den Wölfen
 SCHH3 , IPO3 , FH1 , KKL1
         2 X BSP,  3 X LGA 

  • HD: A1 /ED Normal
  • DOB:  March 17, 2006
  • "V" Rated in Working Structure
  • Sire: SG Zender vom Lusondai 
  • Dam: SG Asta vom unteren Jagsttal 
  • West German /Belgium Pedigree
  • BiColor
  • DNA Tested: Degenerative Myelopathy
         Results: DM CLEAR (Homozygous N/N, Clear)

      An impressive and well built male, Hurican is a substantial bicolor male with large, masculine head with correct structural proportions showing strength and healthy working conformation.  Strong and full grips to the sleeve, he is a multiple participant in the BSP and LGA competitions where he shows how much he loves the work and performs the task with speed and good energy.  His tracking skills are strong, along with possessing deep, firm grip and biting strength on the sleeve.  His obedience is crisp and focused, offering beautifully engaged work during his obedience tests.
     We feel fortunate and excited to have this dog in our breeding program, and are looking forward to he pups he will produce for our kennel, anticipating many excellent litters from this outstanding male.

    Hurican's Sire is from Belgium, SG Zender vom Lusondai WUSV, SCHH3, IWR3,GHP3, and is also a WUSV
    Participant.  He has consistently been a top producer for a combination of outstanding working ability and strong temperament.
    His dam is SG Asta vom unteren Jagsttal.  Hurican's sire and dam both descend from a very long line of top world level compeptition dogs from the following list of multiple BSP/ LGA / WUSV /FCI Competition dogs, including several of the Tiekerhook females shown below:

    IPO3 G Nina-Nicky v. Tiekerhook,
    VH3 IP3 SCHH.3
    SG Steffi van Tiekerhook,
    SCHH3 IPO3 VH3 Endi van Tiekerhook,
    SG Iko von der Lindenhalle,
    G-BSP 1997, SCHH3, FH2V Aly vom Vordersteinwald,
    FCI NAT'L, (V-BSP),SCHH3,IP3 V Arec vom Bunsenkocher
    V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 IPO3 FH
    V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft,
     (V-BSP) (WUSV) SCHH3 V Kid von der Maineiche,
    FCI NAT'L, (V-BSP),SCHH3,IP3 V Arec vom Bunsenkocher
    SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH V King vom Körbelbach
    SCHH3 (SG-BSP) FH SG Mink vom Haus Wittfeld,
    SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH IPO3 V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt,
     SCHH3 (V-BSP) FH IPO3 V Dax von der Kesmarker Tränke,
    SCHH3 (V-LGA) FH V Falko von Haus Sindern,
    SCHH3 V1 ( HZS ' 81 V49 ) Amigo vom Gronendamm,
     SCHH3, FH, V-BSP 1987 V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
    and from the "von Haus Antverpa" lines & their descendents,
    VVDH/BEL CH WUSV SCHH3 IPO3 Qinto van Haus Nuyens,
    SCHH3, IPO3 V Udo van't Quentawald,
    CH FCI 96, CH WUSW 96,CH WUSW 92, CH BELGA 92
    G Orry von Haus Antverpa,
    SCHH3 IPO3 Qukelly von Haus Antverpa,
    VZH, IWR1, IP1 G Njenta von Haus Antverpa,
    and further going back to the fantastic KNPV Line of
    KNPV PH1,IPO1 Gento von Haus Larwin



    Hurican's Pedigree

  • Hurican_Stack 330wHurican von den Wölfen

    Hurican Bite 300w
    Hurican bite 3   Hurican bite 3
    Hurican Bitework
    Hurican Obed.
    Hurican OB2   Hurican OB1

    Hurican Obedience


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