Gesi von uns Heimaturt
and the scam by Daniela Huppe

Gesi von uns Heimaturt
Schh 1, "SG" Rated,
DDR/East German Pedigree

...Schraderhaus K9 regrets to announce that we are unable to utilize Gesi in our breeding program. Purchased from Daniela Huppe with promises that paperwork was completely in order, this proved to  be false and a deliberate scam by the Seller / Owner Daniella Huppe. AKA D.H on many canine forums and pedigreedatabases... She is a scammer extrordinaire and we caution that she definately commands the warning ""BUYER BEWARE" before purchasing any dog from her.

  • Seller: Daniela Huppe ..aka D.H.
Please read below my personal experience with Daniela Huppe

Below is my personal experience with Daniela Huppe and my purchase of
 the DDR female GSD, Gesi von uns Heimaturt

   Gesi was sold to Schraderhaus K9
June 2007 by Daniela Huppe as a breeding female. The fact that she would be utilized as a breeding female was made very clear to Daniela, and was discussed in detail. I received her assurance that Gesi's German Registration paperwork was completely in order and there would be no issues with a foreign registration transfer for transferring ownership into my name, so as to then be able to obtain her AKC registration. As we all know, this is a must in order to use an imported female in a US Breeding program and to obtain AKC registration on all puppies that are produced by said female. Daniela Huppe has been buying and selling dogs for many years and she is well aware of this fact...

  A limited portion of Daniela's dog sales transactions have apparently gone as they should go, and have not created a problem for the transfer of a dog she sells. However, this appears to be a rarity rather than the norm. In reality, her ethics are highly suspect; following my experience with the deceptive dog sale perpetrated by her.  I have since been made aware of several other breeders, trainers, dog handlers, and individual dog owners who have all been scammed by Daniela Huppe.
  We have reported her fraudulent activities to the RCMP in Canada, and in so doing we have uncovered and been exposed to her vast knowledge in the art of deception, because she has kept her identity virtually untraceable, with use of her internet phones, use of a mail service business with a physical street address for setup of her PO Box address, providing a visual front for her, in order to appear as though she has an actual physical street address when in fact this is not at all her own address but that of the postal location. She works in a loosely called
"partnership" with a German kennel owner and trainer named David Buss, from the German based kennel  Daniela Huppe and Mr. Buss are known to work together in the acquisition, sales of and obtaining titles on those dogs that she sells to buyers here in the states. Mr. Buss was contacted by myself in an effort to obtain the paperwork for Gesi.  David Buss was responsible for the titling of Gesi and her shipping to the US on behalf of Daniela Huppe. Ms. Huppe stated to me that it was he who held Gesi's papers, and further stated that he had sent the papers for Gesi to Daniela's father in Germany, at her request, she stated..."safe keeping";  .this done..after conclusion of my purchase of Gesi. However, she is well aware of dog sales procedure and that the dog's papers should have been sent directly to me following my full payment to her, for the amount of her stated purchase price of $5500.00 USD. In addition to Gesi's purchase price which I paid to Daniela, Gesi's shipping cost was also fully paid for by me, also paid in advance to her, deposited to her directly in the amount of $440.00, for a total amount paid to Daniela Huppe of $5940.00 USD. These funds were deposited directly by me into the bank account which was designated by Daniela Huppe; which was later learned to be held jointly with another undisclosed individual, just inside the US Border at Blaine, WA. This made it very easy for her to withdraw funds from the US and disguise information of this or any other dog sale for which she collected large amounts of cash which were not detected and were thereby untraceable by the authorities, effectively keeping the sales details out of the prying eyes of the Canadian Government who would want their fair share of tax from these sales...The shipping money was owed back to the (then) caregiver of Gesi: Kim of Von Hayden German Shepherds...Kim had to pay out of pocket at Daniela's direction for the transport to the airport and the shipment of Gesi, with Daniela's promise that she would reimburse Kim upon completion of Gesi's sale. Kim was required to travel nearly 2 hours to deliver Gesi to the airport to send her to me...yet she has never been reimbursed for this expense by Daniela to this day.
  Kim was for a short time in partnership with Daniela and has herself also been seriously scammed by Daniela Huppe in several fraudulent business transactions directed upon her by Daniela Huppe.
A link to Kim's website with full details about her business dealings with Daniela Huppe is included at the end of this scammer informational on Daniela Huppe.
But this is only the beginning of the story.

During the purchase process, I asked if Gesi had ever been bred or had ever whelped a litter. I was told by Daniela that Gesi had
never previously been bred.  But following my purchase of Gesi and upon our first mating experience with her, we learned definitively that she was not a viable breeding dog. In addition, I was informed much, much later from Kim that Kim herself had indeed assisted with breeding Gesi on two separate occasions while she was in her care, at Daniela's direction, mating her to two different studs, and that she did not conceive on either occasion.

  Upon her arrival to my kennel, she displayed an erratic and irregular heat cycle pattern from the very beginning...she had a very short breeding period within her cycle, and blew through heat right to ovulation in 7 days from the onset of her heat. My male was completely uninterested in breeding her. He is a very experienced stud and an expert in getting the girls bred. So A surgical insemination for her 1st and only breeding at our kennel revealed the crucial problem:..Gesi had been born with only half a uterus, the other side of her uterus was a shriveled, useless appendage. At this same time it was also discovered that she had several small cysts on her reproductive organs which were gently removed. The half uterus that was intact appeared to be normal, so she was surgically inseminated by my veterinarian, a well known and respected reproductive specialist. My vet assessed that if Gesi conceived, she could detect no reason that she would not be able to carry to term, but that this condition was exceedingly rare and conception could not be not guaranteed...Gesi conceived 3 puppies...2 died in utero prior to whelping date, creating complications for Gesi, causing her not to go into labor due to the surrounding infection of the 2 dead pups in her uterus...the other pup somehow survived the neighboring resulting infection in the womb, but unfortunately a C section was the whelping culmination in order to save and deliver the one pup and also save Gesi. Although her one pup was GORGEOUS!!! he presented respiratory problems from birth...with much supervision and round the clock watchfulness, he survived for 7 weeks with several related and unrelated veterinary procedures, but in the end was unable to survive after determining that he had severely collapsed lungs and could no longer breathe to sustain himself, and had to be humanely euthanized by my vet..

   The scenario of her irregular heat cycle, breeding, and resulting disastrous litter along with the facts pertaining to Gesi's reproductive system was all relayed to Daniela...who said that she could find someone who would buy Gesi and that her half uterus would not be problematic in the sale. HMMMM...IS THAT SO!!?? Well, I didn't agree about that. Daniela suddenly became very hard to connect  by phone or email, and didn't return my calls. She continued a few feeble attempts of correspondence with the SV in an effort to get papers for Gesi, always telling me that they were coming shortly, but I much later learned that Daniela's purchase of several females from the Heimaturt kennel during a kennel reduction sale they held, which may have included Gesi along with Gesi's litter sister, by name of Gina.. were allegedly sold at this disbursement and purchased by her on the cheap...knowingly without papers until such time as these females were neutered. Purchase price of these females to Daniela was said to be around 800. Euro she made a pretty hefty profit, while knowing that the dog she was selling me could not be and more importantly was not to be bred...Gesi's sister Gina was quickly sold by Daniela after Daniela purchased her, to a buyer in Holland. I was told by Daniela that Gina had produced two great litters for her new owner there. But I researched on the internet and located the new owner of Gina, who told me in writing this was not true, and that Gina had been mated during two separate heat cycles, using two different studs, and then a third time by AI, and had never produced a single pup or litter. She was sold by him into a pet home, without ever having conceived a litter from Gesi's sister Gina.

   Lies, Lies, Lies from Daniela...and they still continued.

  Daniela told me that her father was holding Gesi's papers. David Buss even corroborated this when I contacted him by phone,  who said he had sent them to her father at her request...he agreed to send me Daniela's father's contact information in order for me to contact him and ask to have her papers sent to me, since I was the rightful owner of the dog and her papers. He never did so as he promised. When I told him what I had paid Daniela for Gesi, he simply laughed in my ear over the phone...he knew the story of how she had purchased Gesi. ..He was the one that shipped her for Daniela into the US, sent to Kim, to be cared for by her for nearly a full year prior to my purchasing her...and she was NEVER compensated for this by board for a year???  How could anyone expect to have someone do that without having any remorse. 
Upon my repeated attempts to obtain Gesi's paperwork from Daniela, I contacted the SV, who responded via email that Daniela had attempted to provide them with a written paper which stated that she was transferring Gesi's ownership over to me. But...they informed her that this was insufficient and was not the proper documentation by which to transfer ownership of a dog and they could not provide her papers to me. Of course, Daniela knew this...she has sold many dogs and knows how the transfer procedure works. She has also made many, many responses and declarations on the pedigree database; correcting, documenting, and ridiculing those who dare to ask and post questions about problems or procedure regarding foreign registration of a dog.. I attempted to file a complaint against her with the SV. but they stated that they have no avenue provided for fraud in order to file charges of any kind...and that they had no jurisdiction over her because she is not a member of the SV.
However David Buss IS a current member with the SV. I attempted to file a report against his involvement in this matter, but they have no set policy in which a buyer can do this...Their response was that there was not sufficient evidence that David Buss was involved in any wrong doing in this transaction...even though he was the trainer, titler and shipper of this dog into the US. They also said that they do not take issue with private matters. Convenient arrangement!!.  Daniela is also under no jurisdiction from AKC because she is not a US resident...and best of all, even though she resides in Canada and has done so for many years... since she never allows the dogs she sells to touch down in Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club also has no jurisdiction over these cases unless the dog first arrives into Canada...when it is then REQUIRED that the dog first be registered in Canada with the CKC....following this process a foreign registration must be done over to the new owner for registration with AKC...but she is well aware of this loophole too, and the dogs she sells come imported straight over from Europe into the US and arrive to the new owner directly, in order to eliminate this requirement from her own government, while she enjoys full protection from outside countries due to her residency in their country. The above is INFORMATION THAT ANY BUYER SHOULD FULLY BE AWARE OF WHEN CONSIDERING  PURCHASING A DOG FROM THIS DOG AGENT AND SCAMMER!!
  By that time and after waiting for more than a year for Gesi's papers, Gesi was spayed by my vet, and she has been placed in a loving pet home. At my request, my vet saved her uterus for me to preserve, as proof of what I am saying here.
  Daniela states to her supporters that she brought me a buyer who was willing to purchase Gesi from me for $3500.00 USD, but that I refused.
This is an outright lie. There has been no contact ever made to me by Daniela with either a "real or fictitious" buyer. But that would not have made a difference to me because I am not the kind of person to sell this dog to anyone else as a breeding female just to recoup my money lost in this sale;( which to date stands at approx. $9,500.00 USD..) not to a buyer she approaches me with, nor a buyer of my own. To do so is nothing more than unethical business practices no matter how you slice it, and I relayed to her supporters exactly that.

  Gesi had also proven that she was unable to carry a litter...and in addition it was unknown if this rare reproductive defect would be a genetic issue which could be passed on to her offspring. This condition was such a rare occurrence that my veterinarian, who does many, many reproductive procedures on a daily basis and who has never seen this defect previously in her many years of practice, could not state with any certainty as to whether this was just a fluke or a genetic issue, which this lineage may have produced previously in their females. Because AI is not done in Europe, this is very a difficult abnormality to discover, much less to document.
    And while I would not fault a seller for selling a dog
unknowingly with a reproductive issue such as Gesi's malformed uterus; (which could only have been revealed during a surgical procedure such as was performed by my reproductive vet in order to facilitate a surgical insemination), I take serious issue with the fact that Daniela more than likely already knew the dog was unbreedable when she purchased her in Germany, then went on to try to breed her on two heat cycles without success, and then lied about all of this to me within the context of her sale of the dog as a breeding female, which represents a totally different intent demonstrated by Daniela Huppe in the sale of this dog as a breeding female.
  This sale was fraudulent and was a deliberate and known scam on me by the seller, Daniela Huppe.

  The information about this fraudulent sale and scam by Daniela Huppe, and information about the scammer having done this previously to other clients, was posted by me onto the pedigree database, with prior permission via email obtained and received by me from the webmaster, Oli. However once this information was posted, at Daniela's complaining and insistence, my thread on her as a scammer was removed in it's entirety. Within this posted information was the case number of the RCMP fraud case which I initiated and filed, along with the name of the Police Officer handling the case of fraud against Daniela...I also filed a fraud complaint with the State of Washington Attorney General's office, and although Daniela initially responded to their request for information with nothing more than a pack of lies about this case, her final response to the person in charge of this case, who requested that she provide me with papers on this dog, was to tell the Attorney General's office that they were wasting her time with this frivolous matter...and then she refused to respond to the matter any further. Due to not being able to locate Daniela from her given address and phone numbers, the case has temporarily been closed, with them advising that I should hire a private attorney and pursue this matter in civil court...but Daniela has covered her location and personal identification so effectively that even a private investigator and attorney was unable to locate her physical whereabouts. A police report was made known to me, filed by her landlord in Canada, who was also scammed in leasing her a townhouse... her landlord has charges pending against her for skipping out on her rent, among other things upon her retreat. While the landlord has filed charges about this with the Canadian local police, this case is still open as they continue to pursue her.

    These are a few of the many things Daniela continues to do in an effort to defraud others for personal and monetary gain at their expense. She is a scam artist in the worst sense...deliberate, ruthless, calculating, and she inflicts these scams without mercy because she does not care who she hurts, so long as it puts money into her pocket.
    Unable to yet bring her to accountability for my purchase from her, this page is dedicated to the effort of warning others about her fraudulent business practices... she has been known to lie about hip ratings of dogs, advertise dogs for sale which are in fact not even offered for sale by their rightful owners, switching out dogs (of which she has shown photos to buyers) with other dogs which are not the same as presented within the advertised sale...

But, her most frustrating MO is that of routinely not providing papers for the dogs she sells, rendering them valueless for use as intended by the buyer purchasing the dog.


Update:  July 3rd, 2009. Still no papers have been forthcoming from Daniela.
Update:  November 13, 2009. Still no papers have been forthcoming from Daniela.
I have had several other individuals
and also kennel owners, most recently in Germany, who have also been scammed by Daniela. Her latest method is to obtain the dog letting the owner hold papers, and she has them ship the dog with promise that she will pay later for the dog. They send the dog, she sells the dog promising the new owner papers at a later date, and then simply takes their money, leaving the original owner of the dog holding the pink papers with no payment received for the dog, and the new owner receiving the dog without Daniela ever supplying them registration papers or working documentation paperwork for the dog.
Update:  June 25th, 2010. I was contacted via email by someone in Sidney, BC. who informed me that Daniela is scamming her by living in her house without paying each month for rent. Daniela has deducted expenses for work she claims she has done on the house without providing any proof these things were paid by her, and Landlord is now in process of evicting Daniela from the rental house via proper court processes. According to this source, Daniela's last known current address is 634 Lands End, Sidney, BC V8L 5C9. Phone 250-483-3969, and fax is 509-695-4601 although this source says that these numbers change frequently to other numbers that she also has had established for a period of time.

Anyone who has been scammed by Daniela   or has information on advertisements of dogs she or her associates are offering for sale, or has information as to the current whereabouts of Daniela Huppe...or  if you have current phone number or can provide traceable Identification for her in order to establish her last known location,
you are please asked to contact us with this information.
Information will be updated as it is received.
Thank you in advance! 
Here is a photo of Daniela from her Twitter page
And her most recent contact and current employment info:

Beware of giving this person ANY of your hard earned money..

Daniela Huppe May 2010Daniela Huppe_Twitter pageDaniela Huppe
May 2010, Twitter
Daniela Huppe Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

You can also report your fraud by Daniela Huppe directly to the RCMP in Canada:
RCMP Corporal Marlene Martin  OR Corporal Erin Fraser
"A" Watch
Sidney/North Saanich RCMP
 fax (250)656-8139
Reference. Case No. 2008-979

Backup Contact:
RCMP Constable Kevin R. Shaw
RCMP Canada

Reference. Case No. 2008-979

Also report your fraud to the FBI: 

As well as Internet Crime Complaint Center

If you have been scammed by Daniela Huppe in Washington State,
or have information pertaining to this case or other cases of fraud by this person, contact

Marlene Breite
Washington State Attorney General's Office

Reference My Case File # 310439, solely for information, demonstrating repeated ongoing fraudulent activity of this kind.

If you have been scammed by Daniela Huppe in YOUR State,
please report the fraud to the listed RCMP above,
as well as
your local authorities, your own State's Attorney General's office and BBB for your state.
You may also file charges with the
BBB in Daniela's last known place of residence, in BC, Canada.
Please email me if you need updates on the latest location information that we have obtained for Daniela Huppe.
If you do not report these fraudulent sales, she will continue harming others. You can make a difference
and bring her to justice if you let the authorities know of your particular scam by Daniela Huppe and those
she works with in partnership in order to rip off unsuspecting buyers.
We have been made aware of several others she has partnered up with who are also known scammers.
Please contact us for information about these additional scammers so you are not duped by them as well

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