V Cedy z Vlčí smečky

Imported from Czech Republic
for Schraderhaus K9
Frozen semen on File
Czech/West /East German Pedigree 
Hips 0/0 and OFA Excellent
 Elbows Normal

IPO1,  IPO2, IPO3, KKL- Life
with updates from Cedy's owner Liz Kovik:

At the IPO 3 Level,
Greater Chicago Schutzhund Club
June 6, 2015
 92/96/98   V286
High in Obedience,
High in Protection,
High IPO3
92 /96 /98

Cedy Video IPO3

and July 11 & 12 2015, @
UScA MidEast Regional Conformation Championship
Cedy received his LIFETIME Breed Survey
Video of Breed Survey

with updates from Cedy's owner Liz:
Wanted to give you an update after our HUGE weekend (9/22/13). Cedy and I competed
in the WDA Great Lakes Regional Trial, Show, and Breed Survey.
At the IPO1 level  Cedy is the regional champion - taking High Obedience,
High In Trial, and Hardest Hitting.
Today in the show, I handled him with my husband double handling
to a V rating and his KKL breed survey !

Long Bite Video:  http://youtu.be/J-dyCkE_2Is 
Obedience Video  http://youtu.be/qdGOb2OvVGw
Protection Video:  http://youtu.be/TCJodNCDEzs

 Cedy obtains his IPO2 Title:
   Congratulations to L iz on her Superb Weekend with Cedy on his IPO2 Trial
Updates on Cedy's titling progress
 from Cedy's Owner/handler Liz

Hi Jean,
Wanted to give you an update on Cedy.
He got his CGCA (AKC Community Canine) title a few weeks back.
Also, this weekend we entered the Greater Chicago Schutzhund Club Trial for our IPO2.
 Cedy did a great job. Scores and awards below:
Tracking – 100pts – *High Tracking*
Obedience – 95pts – *High Obedience*
Protection – 92 pts
Combined score of V 287
*High IPO2*
*High in Trial*

I am attaching a picture of the awards,
( Liz and Cedy's Trainer, Ray Metallo)

Cedy IPO2 Trial_Awards

Cedy Earns his IPO 3
June 6th, 2015...

High in Protection,
High IPO3
92 /96 /98

 Cedy IPO3 June 2015 High IPO3 High Protection

West German Flag 56x33

Cedy z Vlčí smečky
Hips: 0/0 and OFA Excellent
ED Normal

  DOB January 27, 2010
  HD OFA Excellent /ED Normal
  Sire: SG NAROC vom Bunsenkocher
●  Dam: Ikolka Skocicka samota
  Czech/ West /East German Pedigree
  Black Sable
DDC Veterinary Degenerative Myelopathy Certified (A/N )
 Cedy's Pedigree

Structure - Cedy is a medium dark black sable male who weighs in about 70 pounds. He is medium-boned with a lot of power and muscle, giving him great athleticism and endurance.  He is excellent with children and non confrontational with other dogs. His excellent Czech/ West/ East  German working pedigree will bring forth a strong background genetically, for high level sport as well as for serious and dependable police work. 
Cedy is an obedient dog with great athletic ability. He conducts himself well in the home and is respectful in the household and co-exists peacefully with children, other dogs, and many other animals. He is confident in public situations showing steady and sure nerves, with a confident,  friendly and outgoing nature presented to everyone he greets.

In work Cedy has a superior work ethic and focus towards the handler. He exhibits a solid bond and loyalty with his owners and especially with his handler. He has excellent ball and food drive, making him a great pleasure to train. He is an obedient and non-sharp dog with  a deep and focused nose in tracking, strong grips and unwavering confidence in protection work along with a good off switch.   Cedy is currently working toward finishing his Schutzhund titles with his new owner, Liz Kovik in IL. .

Cedy's Sire: IPO3,ZVV2,SCHH2,BH,FPR3, ZPS1
SG NAROC vom Bunsenkocher, comes from a well known line of West Working lines and multiple BSP/LGA Competitors. His  grandsire SCHH3(SG-BSP),IP3,FH2
2*BSP Bandit vom Zuchtgut descends from the following well proven working lineage of SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH
SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft
 and  SCHH3, FH, V-BSP 1987
V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
Lines to SCHH 3 ( V-BSP ) FH V Arek vom Stoffelblick,
V-BSP 1982, SG-BSP 1983, 1984, SCHH3, IP3, FH
V Askia vom Froschgraben,
SCHH3 ( SG-BSP ) FH SG Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan which brings in a very solid working  DDR line beginning with SchH3/FH V Pascha vom Glockeneck,
SchH3, FH V Pushkaß vom Haus Himpel and many other Vom Haus Himpel dogs and DDR working dogs to his pedigree.
Other well known working producers are
SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH IP3 V Gildo vom Körbelbach
and SCHH3 ( SG-BSP ) Hexe vom Körbelbach,
..his sire's mother line going to such greats as
SCHH3 (V-LGA) IP3  V Torro vom Körbelbach,
And SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH  V Umsa vom Bungalow

Cedy's Dam:  From Cedy's mother line comes excellent Czech producers of which several are not only BSP Participants but also Police working lines,  including
VD2 Gerro Leryka,
SCHH3,IPO3, ZPO2, ZVV3, ZPS SG Emilka Anrebri,
ZVV2,BH,ZM SG Allegra Egerstau,  and the excellent well known producer from Czech Republic,   SCHH3, IPO3, ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1 ICH. Frankie Anrebri
IPO3,SCHH2,ZVV1,ZPO1 SG Car z Pohraniční stráže
ZVV1, SP/PS Cilka z Pohraniční stráže CS and
FH1 ZPO2 ZVV3 SCHH.3 IP3 Argo z Travnickova Dvora cs


   Cedy @ 2.5 mos


Cedy and Liz_send out
Cedy with owner, Liz Kovik




Cedy Stack 23 mos
Cedy @ 23 mos
Cedy Platz 21 mos
Cedy @ 21 mos of age

Cedy Front
Cedy @ 21 mos of age

Cedy_21 mos
 Cedy @ 21 mos of age

Cedy_Head 365w

Frozen semen On file

Cedy and Liz 1
Cedy with owner, Liz Kovik



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