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Aceofnike van het Bleekhof Courage test

Aceofnike van Het Bleekhof   Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen

See Updates Below on Yumi and Nike's Litter...

Yumi and Aceofnike van het Bleekhof Litter
 Born October 1st  2009   

Litter Pedigree for Yumi X Nike

** Click the link below to view a great PUPPY training video
of Yumi x Nike's pup
Trauma von Schraderhaus


"Aceofnike van het Bleekhof, KKL1 "
Stud Dog "NIKE"

West German/ Belgium Working Bloodlines

WUSV competitor 2004, , `06,  `07  (qual `05)
Vice Sieger in 2008  (99/95/93=287)

 Multiple SCH3, 4 x WUSV: VICE-SIEGER `08,
w/HIGH A, HIGH B in trial

Charlie and Nike win the 2009 GSDCA-WDA National Championship earning 97-96-96 w/ High Obedience in trial.

Germany at the 2009 WUSV!
Team USA Secures 4th Place Overall
at the WUSV Competition.
Congratulations Team USA!!

A1 normal hips/elbows -DNA


Imported from Germany
West German/East  
Working Bloodlines

"SG" Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen
Hips A1, ED Normal

Litter Born
October 1st,  2009

Born in this litter:
3 Solid Black Males, 2 Dark Sable Males,
1 Solid Black Female, 4 Dark Sable Females

All Pups SOLD

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Yumi x Nike newborn 2    Yumi x Nike Newborn 
 8 Hours old      8 Hours old 
Yumi x Nike 3 days 2 
Day old 

Yumi x Nike 3 days_1 
Days old 


yumi x nike kids 2 wks 600x
Weeks old 

Yumi kids 3 wks old

Weeks old 

Yumi kids dinnertime

Yumis after dinner cleanup

Mom Cleans up after dinnertime- 3 wks

Yumis other half 3 wks

6 weeks-Puppy search for FOOD


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The Girls...

Nike_Pumpkin collar girl and Lt. Red Girl
Pumpkin collar girl Triskit   (SOLD) Red collar girl Trina  (SOLD)
Nike Pumpkin collar girl 368h Nike Pumpkin collar girl 330w
Pumpkin collar girl Triskit  (SOLD) Pumpkin collar girl Triskit  (SOLD)
Triskit 5.5 mos 330w

Triskit @ 5.5 mos (SOLD)
Triskit 5.5 mos 340w
Triskit  @ 5.5 mos (SOLD)
Tally 1_325w
Tally @ 4 mos   (SOLD)
Tally 2 300 ht
Tally @ 4 mos   (SOLD)
Tally 5.5 mo sit
Tally @ 5.5 mos   (SOLD)
Tally 5.5 mos 330w

Tally @ 5.5 mos   (SOLD)
Black Female_Sable Female
 Black Female Tessa  (SOLD)   Red Collar Sable Female Trina  (Schraderhaus K9)
Trooper and Trina 4 mos
Tessa @ 4 mos  (SOLD) Trina @ 4 mos  (Schraderhaus K9)
Trooper 4 mos 325 w  Trina 4 mos 350w 
Tessa @ 4 mos   (SOLD) Trina @ 4 mos  (Schraderhaus K9)
Trooper 4 mos 500w
Tessa @ 4 mos   (SOLD)
Females @ 3.5 mos 
Yumi x Nike Females 3.5 mos 600x
 Pumpkin collar  Triskit  (SOLD)   Red Collar Trina (Schraderhaus K9)   Yellow collar Sable Fe. Tally (SOLD)  Black Fe. Tessa (SOLD)
Nike Hot pink Girl Hot pink collar girl 8.5 wks 
Hot Pink Collar girl SOLD Hot Pink Collar girl SOLD
Hot pink collar girl
Hot Pink Collar girl SOLD
The Boys...

Nike Sable Boys 6.5 wks
Sable Males 6.5 wks sold
Males 6.5 weeks  sold
Nike Dk Green collar male Nike Blk collar male- lt blue male-lime collar male
Dk Green collar male  SOLD Blk collar male, lt blue and lime collar male  SOLD
Nike males food scenting
Pick Males_ Dk Blue Sable and Dk Green collar males
Dk Blue Collar sable male (Schraderhaus K9),    8.5 weeks    Dk Green Collar Black male (Cat Best)
Schraderhaus K9's Tracker Ace     &   Tazer Ace
Nike Sable Male and Black male 
Sable male Tracker Ace (Schraderhaus K9)    10.5 weeks     Black male Tazer Ace (Cat Best)
Tracker Ace 4 mos_325w  Tazer Ace 4 mos 1
Tracker Ace Owned by Schraderhaus K9 Tazer Ace 4 Mos SOLD to Cat Best
Tracker Ace 4 mos 325w  Tazer Ace 4 mos 2
Tracker Ace Owned by Schraderhaus K9 Tazer Ace / SOLD to Cat Best

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Schraderhaus K9
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