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  Norbo Ben-Ju
6X WUSV / FCI  SchH3, IPO3, ZVV2,
   1st Select Breeding Class for Life
 6 X Competitor on the World Team !

 Norbo has been Laid to rest
October 25th, 2007
  Norbo's Pedigree      Norbo Ben Ju--Description  
Words in Memory of Norbo,
 From Norbo's Owner, Dari James and Co-owner Kristy Mull

From Dari James, who had the foresight to bring Norbo into the US..
I  I would like to first begin by saying that Norbo Ben Ju is truly one of the finest examples of a true old style working German Shepherd Dog. He possesses absolutely one of the finest character types that I have had the pleasure of being around and have been blessed to Co-own.
 I also want to make a special note by saying that it is because of our partner and Co-owner Kristy Mull that Norbo's genetics have been preserved on file. It was not without a great deal of work and dedication on Kristy Mull's part to ensure the preservation of this wonderful legends' blood. Kristy and fertility specialist Dr. Cheryl Lopate went to great lengths to collect Norbo late in his life. As a result, our breeding station will enjoy his exceptional litters for years to come.
Norbo was laid to rest on Oct. 25th, 2007. The vet was set up to come into Kristy home where Norbo was allowed to peacefully pass in his own environment on his favorite blanket.
We will miss you Norbo and thank you for everything that you have done and will continue to do with your precious genetics.

My Tribute to the Great Norbo Ben-Ju By Kristy Mull:
  My dear friend Dari, I will forever be grateful to you for placing your trust in me with Norbo.  It has been the greatest honor to have Norbo in my life.  To be chosen by this incredible dog as his person, his friend, his caretaker, has filled me with enormous joy and great pride.  
Yes Norbo I miss you.  Your loss to me is as big as your presence was in life.  I miss our morning walks and the twinkle in your eye, your happy upbeat greetings each time I came to your kennel, your big massive head and body, your paw on my lap for some attention, the wisdom you possessed.  Yes I miss you, but I will never forget you or our time we shared together, for you will always occupy a special place in my heart.
Rest in Peace my sweet Booga Bear Dog Norbo.


Norbo von Schraderhaus

Son of  Norbo Ben Ju

In Loving Memory
02-26-2005  -  02-07-2008 

Norbo von Schraderhaus   Feb 26, 2006  -   Feb 7, 2008 ...."In his eyes, you saw a loving soul, and in your heart, you knew you'd never have a finer friend."   Rest in Peace, Sweet Boy...

Sadly we now post news of our most recent loss of
Denny Jipo-Me.

 Dam of  Norbo von Schraderhaus

In Loving Memory

02-07-1998  -  03-18-2008



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