"V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck
 SchH3, Kkl 1
 Hips "Afast" Normal

 Lux's  Photo_Pedigree  

 Von Schraderhaus Black Onika
Home Personal Protection/HIC
 Hips "OFA Good, Elbows Normal

 Onika's Pedigree  

 Litter  Pedigree  for Onika and Lux

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Von Schraderhaus
 Black Onika, HIC
  • DOB: April 8, 2001
  • HD: OFA Good/ Elb. normal
  • Sire: Ranger's Rookie
  • Dam: Von Bruin's
    Black Tayla
  • Old East German/ DDR Pedigree
  • Black

  Onika is a striking and substantial Solid Black female of East German blood.   From a long line of working service dogs, Onika comes from impressive heritage of K9 Police lineage.  Her father, Von Bruin's Rangers Rookie, as well as her grandfather and great grandfather, Gramar's PD Ranger and Ranger Vom Kaisertor,  were working K9 Officers with the King County Kent Police Department here in Washington State.  Additionally, on the sire's side of the pedigree you will find K9 Police dog Working Demo's for the Police Department, originating from the German lineage of Kaisertor and Zauberland. 
   From her dam's lineage, Onika is the granddaughter of East German Import David v. Nebelholz, SchH2, FH and great granddaughter of
Don v Rolandsteich, SchH2, FH... as well as lines to Bero v. BarutherLand.  Onika is a large girl, full of zest for life and always ready to interact with her handler.  She is quick to understand what is being asked of her, and you can see the wheels turning when she is anticipating your next move.  Very high ball drive and  will bring the ball back till you drop!  Very protective of her family members,  home and surroundings, this girl means business when defending her territory and will discourage any intruder from entering the premises. 
Hips certified OFA Good
  &  Elbows Normal.

Onika's  Pedigree

 Lux vom Kameruner Eck-
 V Rated Working Conformation
 SchH3, KkL1 for Life

  Absolutely impressive strong boned very dark black sable male with huge head. 100 % East German pedigree.  In bite work his grips are always full and hard. Maximum drives for the ball in order to create top performance in obedience.   
   Lux's Sire,  Tino vom Felsenschloss,  is currently a top producer in Germany for a combination of outstanding structure and temperament.  In addition to the excellent bloodlines Lux inherits from his sire line, he inherits the incredible and well known protection and tracking abilities from his maternal grandsire,  the great DDR sire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck.

Lux's Maternal Grandsire "Lord" was a top producing male who was renowned for  imparting excellent working drives into his offspring,  and was one of the finest producers of sound hips (producing good-excellent hips with around 98.5% success rate).    Lord got his SchH1 title with a perfect score of 300 points.  Out of his first 19 trials, he scored 15 perfect 100's in tracking.  His lowest tracking score was 97!    **DDR Lines to Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen (credited for producing some of the strongest structural health for the working German Shepherd gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities).

   Lux is titled SchH3,  KKL1 for Life, 
and "V " Rated in Working Conformation
Coat color: very dark black sable


Lux's PhotoPedigree  

Lux's 7 Generation Pedigree  

Lux's Sire, Tino vom  Felsenschloss   

Lux's Grandsire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck

This is an excellent DDR East German breeding, with emphasis on producing dogs with
excellent tracking ability and protection qualities. 
They will have healthy and correct working structure coupled with sure and outgoing temperament...
 Produced from this strong working bloodline combination will be
 rich, dark pigmentation of coat coloration in solid black and black sable coat pattern, 
 courage and super strong nerves, quick and responsive prey and retrieve drives, 
precise, full hard grips and super biting strength.
   The puppies will be excellent for Schutzhund sport,  Home/Personal protection, 
and other specialized working fields. 

 In addition they will have very warm character and excellent temperaments,
 making them very good for families seeking an excellent companion and home protection dog. 

Onika X Lux Puppies are priced
at  $1500.00 each, with full registration / $1200.00 with limited registration
Deposit of $300.00 to reserve your pup.

  9 Healthy and lively pups...
      5 males   4 females...  This  litter is  FULLY RESERVED ...    

12 hours Old...

1 week old

4 weeks of age


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