Cak Pisecna boure

SchH3,  IPO3, ZVV1, FH1, FH2, ZPS1, ZPO1 
Imported from Czech Rep.


Elba z Esagilu
Imported from Slovakia


 Cak's Pedigree  

 Elba's Pedigree  

  Sire of Elba's litter born 10/21/06 "Cak Piscena boure"
Recently imported from Czechoslovakia by
 Dari and John James, Cak is an
8 Time Czech National Championship Competitor, with multiple titles to his credit in his impressive working career.... obtaining multiple SchH3,  IPO3, ZVV1, FH1, FH2, ZPS1, ZPO1, Cak is 1st select breeding class, with hips/elbows 0/0 .
Cak has produced on an International level for 6 years and imparts perfect character type into his progeny. He is a gorgeous solid black male with massive boning coupled with an extremely strong head type.  Cak has sired 63 successful working litters during his breeding career in Europe, with many of his progeny being utilized and certified for work in Law Enforcement.



   Imported from the Slovak Republic, Elba is the daughter of the Famous producing stud dog, Xero z Pohranicni straze, (SchH3, IPO3, (See Xero's page). A Large-boned and substantial female,  Elba is an excellent representative of her famous sire Xero z Pohranicni straze, and grandsire Grim z Pohranicni straze, (ZVV3, SchH3, IPO3) both of which have pronounced courage and willingness to fight and are strong examples of the quality working type produced from the Pohranicni bloodline.  Elba shows strong defensive drive coupled with fast and energetic retrieve response, and she exhibits a solid and correct working structure.  Her temperament  is strong and she is good with children.  Elba is breed surveyed rated Dobry,  1st Select Breeding Class, Titled SVV1, IPO1, with Hips and Elbows rated excellent 0/0.


 Litter  Pedigree  for Elba and Cak



                                   Raven 3 weeks   SOLD     Ricochet  (Rikki) 3 weeks  Schraderhaus K9

 Raven  3.5 weeks  SOLD


  Ricochet 3.5 weeks   Schraderhaus K9

           Raven 7 mos

Litter sister Raven @ 7 mos
     and Java (Jonni litter mate)  @ 18 mos

     Rikki 5 mos

Rikki 5 mos

  **Elba's Previous Litter by Lux was EXCEPTIONAL!!! ...

 See Photos of
their first litter, shown below 

 Litter  Pedigree  for Elba and Lux

      Newborn Photos...3 males          

      Newborn Photos...3 males          

                                                " Michelof "  Solid Black Male   (SOLD)











                                                                  Michelof 9 weeks    (SOLD)

   " Milosovich "  (Milos) Black Sable Male   (SOLD)







                                          Milos...2 1/2 months of age   (SOLD)


                                           Milos...14 months of age   (SOLD)


                                    " Mien Bailey "   Mahogany Sable Male   (SOLD)




Brothers at PLAY!!>>>






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Previous Elba "F" Litter Puppies

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   All Pups from Elba's Previous "F" Litter below are sold!



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