Gradalen's Farox
Trained /Certified Dual Purpose Protection

  Barinja von Schraderhaus, HIC

 Farox's Pedigree


Barinja's Photo -Pedigree

        A very substantial and large bicolor male, Gradalen's Farox pedigree consists of 100% East German DDR bloodlines.  His background contains some of the most important working lines of DDR and German ancestry. Famous working line pedigree:  Farox is linebred top and bottom on the great Lord vom Gleisdreieck, DDR Koer:5436/54.  Lord was the Top Producing East German Stud Dog who earned the prestigious working titles  of 3 X Bundessieger Winner and 2 X European Champion, SchH3, FH3.    Lord vom Gleisdreieck, SCHH3 ( V - DDR-MS ) FH3 Kkl 1 and 3 times Bundessieger German Democratic Republic ('85,'86 and '87 DDR Meisterschaft) and 2 time winner of the East German Championship ('85 and '87). 
Lord got his SchH1 title with a perfect 300 points.  Out of his first 19 trials, he scored
15 perfect 100's in tracking.  His lowest tracking score was 97.

  DDR Lines to Alf vom K?nersee, Neumann's Jim, Held Ritterberg, Don Rolandsteich, Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Ingo von Rudingen (producing some of the strongest structural health for the working German Shepherd gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities)  
    Hips certified OFA Good  & Elbows Normal.  


   A descendant of strong working bloodlines and tightly linebred on the combination of blood from lines Imported from the Slovak Republic,  Barinja is
a young female produced from our own carefully structured breeding program and is an excellent representation of the quality produced through our diligent and specific breeding standards at Schraderhaus K9.    
  Barinja is the granddaughter of the Famous producing stud dog,  Xero z Pohranicni straze (See Xero's Page).
   Her mother-line,  (from her dam Elba z Esagilu) containing such great dogs as Bero Friedersdorfer   Fleur, Figa Cega, Barinja Cega, Lido Jamirex / Chery    Jamirex, Grischa v. Schwartzen Milan, Pascha v.       Glockneck,  Iwo v.d. Buschecke, and Held Ritterberg is well known for producing  impressive working progeny which are truly wonderful representatives of the working German Shepherd Dog.  A large-boned substantial female,  Barinja is an excellent representative of her famous grandsire from the Pohranicni bloodline, Xero z Pohranicni straze,  showing strong prey drive response at a very early age.  Barinja has a strikingly beautiful dark black sable coat with beautiful deep rich pigmentation.  Her structure has great substance and very good conformation. 

   Barinja's sire,  Faro Policia,  is a World Renown Border Patrol Stud Dog,  used as a 2 and 3 year old by the Czech Government as one of their 3 Best Producing  Border Patrol stud dogs.  These excellent producing stud dogs were used to produce working offspring for the protection of the country and Border Patrol monitoring,  as well as for the strengthening and solidifying of the working characteristics and temperament of their future breeding stock. 


 Barinja  X   Farox      Litter born March 23rd, 2006   

  Gradalen's Farox  X  Barinja von Schraderhaus 


     8 puppies  born  March 23rd, 2006  3 males.... 5 females....
solid blacks, bi-colors
and very dark black sables

   Click here to see  Litter Pedigree Barinja X Farox.....

Barinja von Schraderhaus


Gradalen's Farox, Dual Purpose Protection Dog

Barinja's pups at 1 day of age

First feeding...mmm mmm good!

Pups at 4 and 6 weeks...

Turquoise black sable male...  SOLD                   Turquoise black sable male SOLD  

                                                   Turquoise black sable male  SOLD   

      Mint Green black sable male                    SOLD                  Mint  Turquoise black sable male 

 Mint Green black sable male SOLD

 Mint  & Turquoise Black Sable males                      SOLD         Turquoise & Mint males    

                                    Mint  & Turquoise Black Sable boys  (SOLD)
 Lime Solid Black male  (SOLD)                              Hot Pink bicolor female    (SOLD)

Red black sable female   (SOLD)                                   Burgundy solid black female   (SOLD)

Purple stripe bicolor female    (SOLD)                         Rose Black sable female   (SOLD) 

                                The chase is on...




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