"V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck
SCH3,  KKL1 for life
Pure  DDR Bloodlines


Elba z Esagilu
Imported from Slovakia


 Lux's PhotoPedigree  

 Elba's Pedigree  

     Sire of Elba's upcoming litter is our Stud Male, "V Rated Lux vom Kameruner Eck, Schh3, KKL1 for Life.  ".   Imported from Germany, Lux is the product of excellent working lineage of Pure DDR/ East German bloodlines.  His Sire, Tino vom Felsenschloß has consistently been a highly sought after sire in Germany, siring excellent working progeny.  Lux is a large boned substantial male, with an excellent large blocky head that the DDR dogs are so well known to possess and pass along into their offspring.   He is a deep, richly  pigmented black sable.  His drive for the ball is incredible, and in protection work he comes at the helper like a rocket.  Lux's temperament is very good and he is a very attentive dog to the handler.  He is always willing and ready to work .and has an excellent work ethic   


   Imported from the Slovak Republic, Elba is the daughter of the Famous producing stud dog, Xero z Pohranicni straze, (SchH3, IPO3, See Elba's father page). A Large-boned and substantial female,  Elba is an excellent representative of her famous sire Xero z Pohranicni straze, and grandsire Grim z Pohranicni straze, (ZVV3, SchH3, IPO3) both of which have pronounced courage and willingness to fight and are strong examples of the quality working type produced from the Pohranicni bloodline.  Elba shows strong defensive drive coupled with fast and energetic retrieve response, and she exhibits a solid and correct working structure.  Her temperament  is strong and she is good with children.  Elba is breed surveyed rated Dobry,  1st Select Breeding Class, Titled SVV1, IPO1, with Hips and Elbows rated excellent 0/0.


See photos below for
previous Lux X Elba Puppies
 Litter  Pedigree  for Elba and Lux
  **Elba's  1st  Litter by Lux was EXCEPTIONAL!!! ..

  3  very nice large male puppies  born  early 2006  

  black sable , solid black and mahogany sable    SOLD   >>>

Milosovich (Milos),   Michelof,  and Mein Bailey

   Newborn Photos...3 males   

    Newborn Photos...3 males   

" Michelof "  Solid Black Male   (SOLD)











                                                                  Michelof 9 weeks    (SOLD)

                                                    " Milosovich "  (Milos) Black Sable Male   (SOLD)







                                                                    Milos @ 2 1/2 months



                                                              Milos...14 months of age   (SOLD)


                                                             " Mien Bailey "   Mahogany Sable Male   (SOLD)



Mein Bailey SOLD

Brothers at PLAY!!>>>




Previous Elba Puppies

   All Pups from previous litter are sold!
To view more puppy photos, please visit our  "Puppies"  page.....

         Below are photos of Elba's litter with Dargo...all pups from this litter are sold..
Elba Puppies sired by Dargo v.d. Thuringer Kronjuwelen, Schh 3, FH2, KKL1



      Faith, Finnie, &Fons Baron,




Fyto v.Schraderhaus

"F" Litter v. Schraderhaus

Fasching v. Schraderhaus



Freida & Falk

Finnie v.Schraderhaus 

Finnie and Fons Dargo

@ 5 weeks

@ 5 weeks

@ 9 weeks



Fons Dargo v.Schraderhaus

Fons Dargo v.Schraderhaus

Finnie v.Schraderhaus 

@ 5 weeks

@ 9 weeks

@ 9 weeks


   All Pups from previous litter are sold!


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