Balli Panta Rei,
HD A (SR) IPO3, SchH3, SVV1, ZVV
3, ZPS1, VD
Hips a(0/0),  Elbows Normal

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                                                  and his "Life-on the-Line working photos...
Balli Panta Rei   Born July 10 1996
Winner in Protection at 2003 Czech Republic National Competition
Titled: IPO3 (88/84/98), ZVV3 (90,79,95), SchH3 (93/90/91), ZPS-1 (95/92 - 187 VD)
Breed Survey: 1st class 5X1/P (4.27.02)   [Reference table]
DKK hips: 0/0, DNA



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     and his "Life on the Line" Working Photos...


 Han's words about Balli:
"People are telling me that Balli looks on his picture small... OK ...if 100-105lb is small. When I saw him first time Jiri let him out of kennel and he came right at me but did stop short of bite, I was not moving after all, but it took all the nerves I have. I have been around dogs for a while but let me tell you the pictures does not do him justice. His presence and his size coming at me was something to behold! TRUST ME!"

Balli has consistently been a top producing stud dog for the World famous Border Patrol Stud Dog lineup in Europe.
Balli Panta Rei,  
(SR) IPO3, SchH3, SVV1, ZVV3, ZPS1, VD    

Hips a(0/0),  Elbows Normal.  Balli is considered amongst the top Premier Producing Stud Dogs to stand at stud, having been used extensively to improve upon biting power and defensive drives in Czechoslovakia for the World Famous Border Patrol
Stud Dog lineup in Europe.        

  Balli's  Scores:
IPO 1 (94/82/100),       IPO 2    (100/86/100),
SchH 3   (93/90/91),
ZVV 3 (90,79,95),        ZPS-1 (95/92 = 187 VD)



    His pedigree is impeccable, encompassing the finest combination of Working Czech/Slovak blood and Old DDR blood going back on the great Lord vom Gleisdreieck, (a 3 time Bundessieger), Jeff v. Flamings-Sand, and quite possibly the finest DDR producer for the breed of the working German Shepherd Dog, Ingo v. Rudingen.    Balli also is a descendant of the finest of the v. Kirschental herding bloodlines. His pedigree truly represents the ultimate collection of top working bloodlines.

     Below is a description of Balli Panta-Rei when he was Imported from Slovakia.:

Balli is the only one black and tan stud dog that we      introduced to our breeding program. The reason being  is that his pedigree represents the ultimate collection   of top working lines.                                                              
Primarily the line of Ingo v. Rudingen that originates    in former East Germany is very interesting for us. Also from his father's side there is an interesting blood of v. Kirschental, that is renown for breeding of the dogs       used by shepherds for guiding and protecting the            flocks of sheep. From his mother side there is an            extremely interesting old Czech and Slovakian blood.    These bloodlines are represented in majority of dogs      from Czech and Slovakia that regularly take part in GS World Championships (WUSV).                                         
Among many successes of these lines it is worthy to      note that 2 of his half-brothers placed as two most           successful competitors in NAPD/National Assocation   of Police Dogs.                                                                        
Balli himself shows very high working drives. He has a hard defense and perfect tracking.                                     
Balli is a perfect stud dog that is capable of everyday      training. Interesting is also his valuable balanced           character. He does all the disciplines with full  
assignment.  He has absolutelly solid nerves.     


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