Traumatizer von Schraderhaus


OFA Good & ED Normal

  West German /Belgium Working Line Male  

 Aceofnike        X Yumi 

 Born October 1st, 2009

Aceofnike van het bleekhof_courage  Large picture of Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen
WUSV Vice Sieger Aceofnike van Het Bleekhof
  Yumi vom Floriansbrunnen

Pedigree for
Traumatizer von Schraderhaus

Owned by Christina Kennedy
Currently in training for his titles

Words from Christina:
"I can't thank you enough for Trauma- he really is a super all around dog- strong bitework, very stable temperament, sharp enough to bite for real if I am threatened and yet loves everyone. He lets my kittens climb all over him, small children, puppies, other intact males, horses, chickens, nothing is a problem. Not often you come across a dog who truly is a family dog at such a young age and yet can bring it nicely on the field."

Click link to view
Trauma's New working VIDEO

Trauma earns his BH Dec 3rd, 2011
under judge
Nathanial Rogue (Director of Judges)
Comments given from Judge:
He said he really liked Trauma and that we had a great relationship-
 one of the best BH routines he has seen.
(Judge) Said if his obedience is any indication of his other phases,
he has the potential to be a top contender.

Click link to view Trauma's BH Video

Trauma and Christina

Traumatizer and Christina
Working training photos taken
@ 15 mos. of age

Trauma 1
Trauma working with helper James Laney

Trauma 2

Trauma 3

Trauma working with helper James Laney

Trauma 4

Trauma 8

Trauma 5

Trauma 6

Trauma 7

Trauma 9

Trauma 10

Trauma @ 2 years of age..





Trauma @ 2 years of age


View pics of siblings
Trina von Schraderhaus
Tracker Ace von Schraderhaus and
click to view video of Trauma as a puppy
Traumatizer von Schraderhaus...


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