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 Xray Position Samples
 for taking xrays of
K9 Pups


The following films are provided for your viewing and for the continued education of my puppy clients
to make them aware of what  your pup's position for xrays should look like, when taking your Schraderhaus pup
in to comply with the 12-15 month films and for their final 24-26 month films.


The above film is of my boy Norbo Den Lu @ 17 mos.. 
He is rated A1 from the SV in Germany. 
I have added the markers on the film above to assist in showing the areas of great importance
for your vet to consider when positioning your pup on the table for xrays.
Note how equal this position is positioned on the table,
Both horizontally from side to side, as well as vertically.

Norbo is not yet 100% fully grown and developed at the time of taking these films.
This fact will be proven as he grows, developing more rounded femoral heads as he becomes fully mature.
His ARE however a VERY nice set of hips.. and the SV in Germany, who views and rates ONLY German Shephed Dogs
 after they turn 12 months ogf age, understands and recognizes that often at these younger ages,
our large breed GSD's are still growing and forming their bones. 
Norbo DL's hips are very good genetically and are also corectly positioned for being rated in this film,
and show NO signs of HD.  
Thus his rating of A1 from Germany.

Those areas where markers are placed should be equally positioned from one side to the other,
with dog as absolutely perfectly level as possible for the planes of horizontal and vertical positioning,

in addition, having the dog lying perpendicular from the table, with spine directly positioned underneath the dog
 and not tipped one way or the other on the table is very iimportant...
even to the point of having the tail brought straight down directly between the legs. 

The pelvis should be level horizontally in the film from one side to the other.

Positioning the femoral heads higher on one side, low on the other side,  will make one or the other
of the femoral heads pop slightly out of the acetabulum...
this can make one side appear more shallow, and one more deeply set in the sockets,
and not give a true indication of the depth of the each of the dog's sockets.

Knees should ALWAYS be shown in the film,
with long bones of the legs as close to vertical as possible.
Knees are best positioined when they are looking straight at you, 
or with a slight rotation to the inside
for best position of the femoral heads into the acetabulum.  

Click Here to read more
about what to consider when OFA  Veterinarians are reviewing
your dog's hip and elbow films.

Porsche von Schraderhaus
OFA Excellent

Gretta Das Schone v Schraderhaus
OFA Excellent at 12 month prelims



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