Piko Bret Bett  
ZVV3, IPO3, FH1, ZPS2, ZPO1, SCH2,
výborný 5VQ1/P,  neg. 1. tř. chovnosti,

PIKO Bret Bett (call name RUDI)
DOB October 15. 2002.

PIKO is large strong dark sable male with strong bones and strong head. PIKO is self confident in any situation. He has strong ball and prey drives, at the same time he's naturally sharp, capable of immediate biting. PIKO is easily trainable dog which is proven by the number of titles he's completed. His blood belongs to the 2nd bloodline.
We expect that PIKO is going to maintain the correct stud expression of Utalia's puppies. strengthening the occurrence of dark sable color, strong bones and good trainability.


Piko Bret Bett
Piko Bret Bett (Rudi)
Titled: ZVV2, IPO3, FH1, ZPS1, ZPO1
Show: velmi dobry
Breed Survey: 5VQ1/P
Elbows, hips: a-Normal, DNA


                       Piko's Pedigree 





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