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DO’s and DON’T’s for New Puppy Owners

The information below is provided as a guideline
 the care of your new Schraderhaus Puppy.

Do Always feed your pup a quality meaty dog food,
free of grain fillers (Corn and Corn Gluten meal) and artificial preservatives.

Do feed a puppy kibble designed for large breed puppies, or take them off puppy kibble and begin feeding adult food at beginning age 5 months.

Do Provide Raw bones as chew toys or treats in lieu of rawhide chews.

Do feed your new pup at least 2 X daily, with 3 X being most beneficial
 for your pup, if you are able to do so.

Do Feed Vitamin C each and every day, along with the other supplements listed in our Schraderhaus PUPPY DIET

Do socialize and imprint your pup from the moment he arrives home with you...from cats to car outings and friend with kids…, this is of prime importance for your GSD puppy..Crucial imprinting age is from 8 weeks to around 16 weeks...so do what is needed in the beginning. It will reap benefits for you in the way of a highly social and outgoing dog for life.

Do protect your new puppy from exposure to diseases, especially until he has developed his immunities, which is after age 12 weeks, approx. Frequently traveled Pet places, such as Pet Smart, your vet clinic, public parks; are all prime areas for exposure to sick animals.

Do crate train your puppy…this is for his own safety, and also to prevent damage to your home while you are away.

Do provide a safe, protective and warm environment for your pup to live in, especially when you are away from home with the pup left unsupervised.

Do Notify me if your pup’s ears are not fully up and erect
by age 6 mos. If your pup is very large, the ears may need to be
wrapped/taped with foam inserts while the ears are actively growing,
receiving a little support in order to stand upright while the ears are forming and strengthening, rather than hang over while in a growth stage.
It is highly unlikely you will experience this with Schraderhaus Pups, however in the event this occurs,
you have only a small window of opportunity available while the pup's
 ears are strengthening while also actively growing,
during which time this issue must be addressed.


DON'T give your pup food made with artificial preservatives or grains, particularly corn.

DON'T supplement you puppy/dog with Calcium supplementation. Unbalanced Calcium intake can cause severe OCD, excessive and porous bone growth and contribute to the dog being plagued with arthritis in the future.

DON'T massage the pup's ears or the ear cartilage thinking this will help them to stand… This can cause the opposite, breaking down the ear cartilage. Petting them between the ears, or loving them on their cheeks
is a better way of showing affection to them, until their ears are
        fully standing by 6 months. 

DON'T WAIT to notify me if ears are not fully up
by the end of 6 months of age. (See above...)

 DON'T let your pup jump in or out of trucks, from high porches or other heights. This can be damaging to elbows and hips
in the pup's early formative stages as well as later in life.

DON'T let your puppy become wet and chilled, or remain unprotected
from the weather.

DON'T let a loose bowel get out of hand, becoming diarrhea... or worse, bloody diarrhea. This is a very serious situation for your pup and he can become severely dehydrated very quickly, resulting in other complications and even death if left untreated.
 ** Have Kaopectate on hand...and use it at the first signs of Diarrhea.

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