Manto vom Kahlenbach, SchH3, IPO3, FH3, KKL1
SZ# 1780448     Hips "A", Elbows Normal     ZW=88



     Janosch's sire,  Manto vom Kahlenbach, SchH3, IPO3,  KKL1"a' , FH3, is a Lord vom Gleisdreieck son and WUSV competitor; 1994 7th place, 1995 4th place, and in 1996 WUSV 1996 Competitor placing 2nd w.291 pts.

 In 1993 Manto earned his place in competition history standings as winner of the Austrian Nationals at three years of age, and in 1995 again earned 2nd place honors.  Once again in 1996 Manto demonstrated  his excellent working abilities and achieved recognition as deserving winner at the Austrian Nationals.

   Manto passes his strong working drive and tracking ability to his offspring. His offspring are strongly and unmistakably  stamped with the physical traits and characteristics seen in Manto. Glenn von der Hühnergasse, a Manto son, finished 2nd in the Bundessieger in 2000 and 11th in the WUSV in 2000 at three years of age.



 Manto v.Kahlenbach